is it safe to eat cucumber during pregnancy in tamil

is it safe to eat cucumber during pregnancy in tamil: In pregnancy, a woman has to take care of both herself and the child. In such a situation, he has to pay more attention to his food. Because what the mother eats will reach the nutritive elements of the child. Cucumber is best sold in the market during the summer season. Should pregnant women eat this cucumber? There are many questions about this in the minds of women. Dr. Punita Srivastava, a nutritionist at the Apollo Hospital in Delhi, has answered this question. Also told which women should not eat cucumber. So let us, through this article, the nutritionists understand from Puneeta, how beneficial is cucumber in pregnancy and how harmful?

Eat cucumber during pregnancy know health benefits and side effects
is it safe to eat cucumber during pregnancy in tamil

Nutrients present in cucumbers

Vitamin K
vitamin C


Do not eat cucumber if you have these diseases in pregnancy


Nutritionist Punita says that women who have the following diseases should not consume cucumbers. Pregnant women who do not have these problems can eat cucumber.

Chronic Nephritis
Pyelonephritis due to bacterial infection
Gastric reflux disease

Benefits of cucumber during pregnancy
Lack water puri

Cucumbers contain 96.73 grams of water. In summer, there is a shortage of water in the body. This water shortage can be met with cucumbers. Eating cucumber in pregnancy can help in water shortage in women. This keeps both mother and baby healthy. Nutritionist Punita says that cucumber contains vitamin K. It is low in calories and the amount of water is abundant. There are 8 calories in half a cup.
Beneficial for heart and mind

Cucumbers contain vitamin K, vitamin B, folic acid and magnesium. These are very beneficial for women’s heart and brain. This quality, rich in cucumbers, keeps women away from many problems. Eating cucumber does not cause electrolyte imbalance.

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Strengthen bones

When the lack of water in the body will be complete. If you get plenty of calcium, then the bones of women will remain strong. Calcium deficiency is more in women. This deficiency can be fulfilled by eating cucumber. Cucumber also helps in the development of the baby.

Abdominal skin elasticity

Pregnant women feel a stretch in addition to the stretch marks on the abdomen. This problem can be corrected with cucumbers. Nutritionist Punita says that by eating cucumber, the elasticity of the skin of the stomach of the women is maintained (skin elasticity).

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Prevent inflammation

Cucumbers contain nutrients that prevent inflammation. If pregnant women take cucumbers in summer, they get relief from inflammation. Pregnant women get right nutritional elements by eating seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Fix mood swings

Mood swings occur from time to time in pregnant women. Cucumber also helps in keeping those moods fine. It is a kind of mood booster. Nutritionists say that cucumbers contain vitamin B which acts like a mood booster.

It is important for pregnant women to eat fruits and vegetables according to the season. Eating seasonal things keeps his and the child’s health right. Both get the right nutrition.

is it safe to eat cucumber during pregnancy in tamil

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