Is it OK to eat a carrot a day?

Is it OK to eat a carrot a day? Carrots are a treasure of medicinal properties. It benefits our body in many ways, according to doctors, due to the warm and dampness of the carrot effect, it keeps the mind happy while bringing urine, removing phlegm, strengthening the brain, enhancing the semen. Carrots can be raw, boiled or juice can be drunk. Carrot strengthens the body. Carrots detox the body. That is, it helps in removing the dirty substances from the body. Carrots are also beneficial in dangerous diseases like ulcers. If you feel dizzy due to weakness, then eating carrots will work for you.

Eat Daily Carrots to Enhance your Power
Is it OK to eat a carrot a day?

Other benefits of eating carrots
Carrots are rich in vitamin-E. It has a special quality in it that new blood is produced quickly and abundantly due to its consumption. Therefore, it also acts as an excellent tonic obtained by nature. Cancer cells do not develop in the blood. Consuming carrot juice for a few days provides relief to people suffering from cough, asthma, urination and stones. Consuming carrots and marmalade makes the body strong.

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‘Carrot’ according to Ayurveda
Carrots are considered as a sexually active tonic in Indian Ayurvedic medicine practice. Drinking equal quantity of carrot and radish juice regularly, eliminating the weakness of the penis along with sexual power is very beneficial. This is the best gift given by nature for those suffering from lean and Venus. Such persons should consume carrot pak or kheer continuously for a few days. Carrot jam prepared in honey is extremely aphrodisiac.

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Is beneficial for children
By giving carrot juice to the teeth, the teeth are easily removed and milk also starts digesting properly. When the child is able to walk, then by giving him mixed with carrot and orange juice, he starts to become powerful and move quickly. Drinking carrot juice always in the afternoon is highly beneficial. Always eat fresh carrots. Food should not be taken immediately or before the meal.

Is it OK to eat a carrot a day?

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