Is it normal for babies to get bald spots?

Is it normal for babies to get bald spots? Each baby develops in a different way. Some children grow rapidly. At the same time, the development of some children is comparatively less. That’s why every parent remains concerned about whether their child is developing properly or not. But apart from all these things, you also have to pay attention to what kind of changes are taking place in the physical development of growing children. Also what kind of problems are your growing children facing. For example, most children have to face diarrhea while teething, apart from this, growing children also have to face problems like infection and hair loss.

Hair loss causes in babies
Is it normal for babies to get bald spots?

However, hair fall is a common problem. That’s why most of us ignore the problem of hair fall. About this, Pediatrician Doctor Vikas Kumar Aggarwal of New Hospital, Noida, tells that within 6 months after birth, the hair of babies starts falling. These are the hairs that the baby brings with his birth. Gradually this hair falls in babies and new hairs come, it is a natural process. That is, if your baby is losing some hair within 6 months, then it is a normal thing. But if your baby is losing a lot of new hair in addition to the birth hair, it can be a cause for concern. If this is happening to your baby, consult a doctor immediately. Let us know what can be the reasons for hair loss in children?

Causes of hair loss other than birth hair

Apart from being natural, there can be many serious reasons for the problem of hair loss in babies. Let us know what are the reasons for the hair fall of babies-

Doctors say that a fungal infection called tinea can cause hair loss in babies. Due to this infection, there is a lot of itching and red scabs on the head of babies.

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physical damage
If you tie your child’s hair too tightly, it can damage their scalp. Which can be the reason for hair loss.

non-active pituitary gland
Babies may also have hair loss due to the pituitary gland being underactive or underactive. OnlymyHealth

This is such a mental condition in which the child starts pulling his hair. Your child’s hair may fall due to this condition. So if your child is pulling his hair, contact the doctor.

hair problem
Your baby’s hair may fall due to lice or dandruff in the baby’s hair.

Keep in mind that some hair fall is a normal problem. People of all ages have some hair fall. You don’t need to worry about this. But if your child’s hair is falling a lot, then contact the doctor immediately.

What to do about hair loss in children?
If your child has a lot of hair rooting, they need extra care. You can prevent the problem of hair fall of your children with some tips. like-

Use natural and medicated shampoos to avoid infection.
Wash hair from time to time.
If you have a habit of pulling hair, then explain it to them.
Do not let the hair touch with dirty hands.
Get shaved if you have lice or dandruff.
Get the necessary medical tests done.
Apart from this, contact a skin expert or dermatologist for the right treatment.

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Prevention to prevent hair loss in babies

Never tie children’s hair too tight.
Contact a child specialist if you have a child with trichotillomania.
Do not comb more than 2 to 3 times a day.
Do not dry children’s hair using heat.
Use a soft comb.
Do not take any medicine or give it to the child without the advice of the doctor.

Keep in mind that due to excessive hair loss in babies, this problem can affect them even at an older age. That’s why it is important to treat the baby on time. If your child is losing more hair than necessary, consult a good child specialist.

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