Is it good to wear gold toe ring?

Is it good to wear gold toe ring? In India, there is a tradition of wearing a toe ring on the feet after marriage. Usually married Hindu women wear silver nettles on both their toes. But have you ever wondered why it is worn or what are the benefits of wearing a nettle? In fact, one of the facts behind wearing a nettle is that it keeps the menstrual cycle good and boosts their fertility. But does science and biology also accept this fact? To understand in detail the same scientific reason behind the wearing of the nettle, we employed Dr. Sudeshna Ray (Dr.Sudeshna Ray) at Jaslok Hospital and Research Center and Acupressure Health Care System, Lucknow. Talked to acupressure expert Sanjay Umrao.

why married women wear toe ring know toe ring benefits by experts
Is it good to wear gold toe ring?

Why do women wear toe ring?
Gynecologist’s thoughts on wearing a nettle

When we talked to the gynecologist Dr. Sudeshna Ray about wearing a toe ring in the legs, he told that there is some science behind all the jewelry that we wear in our body. Even though biology does not have much facts related to nettle wear, much has been said about it in Naturopathy and Reflexology. Dr. Sudeshna Ray says that there are some specific acupressure points in the body for fertility and menstrual cycle. They are located in certain areas of the body that determine the follow-up of energy (ensure optimum flow of energy). If we talk about our feet, different types of nerves are found from the soles to the toes.

-When you wear a nettle in the finger after the thumb, its contact puts pressure on the lumbar nerves called Sciatica, which helps to keep your blood circulation and menstrual cycle correct.
Also, silver is considered as a good conductor, which helps in maintaining the magnetic field in the body by conducting these nerves. This improves the body’s natural function and hormonal health, which also affects fertility.

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Acupressure expert’s thoughts on wearing a nettle

Acupressure expert Sanjay Umarov tells about wearing the nettle on the feet that not only the nettle, but Payal also has a lot of connection with the fertility of women. Such anklets are worn on the feet, there are fallopian tubes, ovary, acupressure points of uterus. These veins keep on pressing with Payal and this keeps the health of these three good. Now talk about the net, then

It is a tradition to wear three fingers after the thumb, but now people wear it only after the thumb. The nerve to the thumb (second toe) is directly connected to the uterus. So, the slightest pressure of the nettle also affects the uterus. This can help regulate the menstrual cycle (periods), which can help keep the uterus healthy and the whole process of pregnancy successful.
While wearing the third finger in the third finger, it is believed that it can reduce the pain of periods.

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Overall, if we look at the benefits of wearing a nettle (Toe Ring Benefits), first it improves our blood circulation. Secondly, it keeps our reproductive health and their organs healthy by keeping our menstrual cycle correct, and thirdly, it keeps the magnetic field in the body smooth and regulates the production of hormones, which is healthy. Very important for fertility. So in this way it is beneficial for women to wear a nettle.

Is it good to wear gold toe ring?

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