is it better to be tall or short

is it better to be tall or short: Do you know that your height can tell about your health. Height and his health have a proportional relationship. Do you know that people of shorter height than tall people have far more mental and physical problems. They face far more health complications than people of normal stature.

Tall or Short Men Who is Healthier
is it better to be tall or short

Health of people versus short

There is good news for people of tall stature. A recent research has found that people of tall stature have a 30 percent lower risk of heart disease, especially coronary heart disease (CHD). Researchers at the American Institute of Heart Disease’s Institute of Menopolis believe coronary artery calcium (CAC) is present in people of height who help protect them from heart diseases. Coronary arty calcium is known to be very helpful in indicating a heart attack in patients with coronary heart disease.

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People of tall stature have a lower risk of CHD. Longer or shorter than average men are at greater risk of depression. At the University of Edinburgh, such genes have been identified that affect both height and intelligence. According to The Scotsman’s report, people with shorter than average stature have significantly lower IQ levels than tall people. The genes of younger humans are more protective. Due to this, their body size is small but life becomes long.

Smaller people have less sugar in their blood and they are also less likely to get cancer. Body size depends on a gene named ‘FOXO3’ which is also essential for longevity in almost all species. Taller women should be more conscious of breast cancer as they are at greater risk. Some scientists in Holland have based on their research that long-term women develop faster from a young age. Due to this, changes in their hormones also occur rapidly. This makes them more prone to breast cancer.

Short stature

According to researchers at the University of Helsinki, the X chromosome is responsible for the short stature of men and women. Researchers consider the gene called ITM2A to be related to increased length. Researchers have also attributed it to the shorter height. Not only this, research has also found that women have two X chromosomes i.e. they also have double the ITM2A gene, so women are shorter in height than men on average.

Height plays an important role in genetics determination and was also identified in a large number of DNAs that measure height last year.

is it better to be tall or short

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