Is it bad to use laptop while charging?

Is it bad to use laptop while charging? Nowadays no one can work without a laptop and mobile and using it, people use it a lot in the office as well as at home. But perhaps you do not know that the radiation coming out of it is making you sick.

Fingers did not indicate that you can find information of the world immediately on the screen of the laptop. But the faster the laptop has become the major part of people’s need, the faster it is also spreading the disease.

Dangers of Laptop Radiation
Is it bad to use laptop while charging?

The laptop contains lead, in addition, it contains chemicals such as polyvinyl chloride, chromium, bromine and BFR i.e. brominated flame retardate. These chemicals are very harmful for health.

The lead present on the laptop screen affects your nervous system. Lead is prone to blood and brain disorders. PVC and chromium present in laptops are poisonous. Radiation emanating from this also affects fertility.

Laptop Radiation

More threat from wireless laptop
If you use a wireless laptop more then it can be more dangerous for you. Electromagnetic radiation from a wireless laptop can also affect your health more than heat and vibration. Apart from this, the wireless radiation through the WiFi network greatly affects health. Research is still going on regarding this radiation.

Effect on fertility
Working with a laptop in your lap affects fertility, it can also lead to impotence. According to research conducted in New York on this, the radiation emanating from the laptop continuously increases the body temperature of men and it reduces fertility. Working with the laptop in the lap has the opposite effect on the structure of the testicles from radiation.

Mental illness
The radiation of the laptop affects the memory power and may reduce your memory. Continuous use of the laptop and its radiation weaken our memory and cause problems like Alzheimer’s. Working long hours with headphones on a laptop all the time seems to have something buzzing in the ears. There is also difficulty in falling asleep.

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Eye damage
Soft radiation rays are continuously coming out of the laptop screen, which has a bad effect on the eyes. A liquid like water is found on the outer part of the eyes, which makes our view clear. Lack of this causes problems like vision defects and eye pain. To avoid this, the eyes have to rest, which they get by blinking eyelids. But the radiation emanating from the laptop screen affects this fluid. These radiation rays increase the chances of a person having far-sight defects.

Harmful Radiation from Laptop

Carpelton syndrome
This problem is increasing rapidly among the youth due to radiation of laptops. Due to typing on the laptop for a long time and coming in contact with its radiation, the fingers become numb, there is swelling and pain in the wrist and arm parts.

Ways to avoid laptop radiation
Do not work on the laptop continuously for a long time, take a short break.
Do not work by keeping the laptop in your lap, work by keeping it on the table.
Use anti-glare goggles while using a laptop, because this radiation does not dry out the eye fluids.
Use Internet cable instead of wireless laptop.

Is it bad to use laptop while charging?

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