Is it bad to sleep with underwear?

Is it bad to sleep with underwear? Underwear, ie underpants, is a garment worn under pants, which was not given any special attention before. But in a rapidly glamorizing society, there has been a big change in the choice and wearing of underwear. Although underwear can also be related to health in some ways, it is not wrong to be interested in its choice. Some people believe that the choice of underwear affects male fertility, but can there be a relationship between men’s pockets and their thighs as well? We do not know, but the great American economist Alan Greenspan once said that the health of the economy can be gauged from the sale of men’s thighs. Well, whatever is the importance of underwear in today’s era, we should be aware of many aspects related to it, so let’s talk about underwear and research related to it.

what men should know about underwear
Is it bad to sleep with underwear?

Effect of underwear on fertility?

Research suggests that very high temperatures may prove harmful to sperm. And it may be for this reason that recently men were asked to avoid wearing underwear for fear of a decrease in sperm count or concentration. However, according to two recent studies, the choice of underwear does not matter.

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Quit tight underwear, may not be impotent: research
A research conducted in France reported that sperm count in the sperm count per milliliter has decreased worldwide since the 1990s. Not only this, the quality of sperm also decreased during this period. This research has found that between 1985 and 2005, there has been a 30 percent reduction in sperm count in men. According to Sodh, even healthy sperm are not easily available at present. Researchers in France said that it had a greater effect on those wearing Franchi underwear. French men saw a one-third decline in sperm count. Researchers cited haphazard eating, dieting and wearing of tight fitting clothes, as the major reasons behind it. According to him especially wearing tight underwear affects the semen.

More trust on women for underwear
One study revealed that one in three men in the UK rely on their mother, wife or female friend to buy underwear. According to a style study, women decide which style underwear British men should wear. The study was conducted by Sainsbury’s. A Sainsbury’s spokesperson had said, ‘We felt that men’s underwear sales had registered a 30 percent increase in the last few years. Our stores told us that women look for underwear for their partners or friends. ‘

Wearing synthetic underwear
We all know that genital hygiene means a lot for better health. Because synthetic underwear does not dry quickly, due to sweat there is always a yeast infection, itching due to wetness and the fear of smelling. Yes, sometimes there is no harm in wearing synthetic underwear, but cotton underwear should be chosen for everyday wear.

Overall, the matter is that cotton underwear is also healthy and comfortable to wear, then men should usually wear cotton underwear everyday. Yes Kabhar Kabhar There is no guise in wearing stylish synthetic underwear on special occasions.

Is it bad to sleep with underwear?

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