Is it bad to put your laptop on your legs?

CIs it bad to put your laptop on your legs? Work from home culture has increased in global epidemics. All are working from home due to which the use of laptop has increased. Do you know how much use of laptop can affect your reproductive health? Laptop usage has increased due to work from home. Use of laptop throughout the day has a bad effect in the body. Heat escaping from a laptop can damage our skin and internal tissue. Working with it in the lap for a long time can increase the problem of infertility. However, the major disadvantage of laptop is with its connected wifi as radiation is related to internet connection. In order to know the impact of laptop on reproductive health and how to avoid it, we talked about Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Institute of Medical Sciences in Lucknow and Dr. Sanjit Kumar Singh, Assistant Professor and Urologist, and explained what the impact of device radiation has on us.

Can Laptop really cause infertility in men and women
Is it bad to put your laptop on your legs?

laptop causing infertility

Does laptop cause infertility? (Laptop causing infertility)
In some studies, it has been said that excessive use of laptops can lead to the problem of infertility. This affects the sperm count. Experts say that by keeping the laptop in the lap, working men have reproductive organ effects. In many research it has been confirmed that the radiation of the laptop leads to a decline in the number of sperm in men. You can lose the happiness of your child with this problem. Although most computer companies warn that the computer or laptop should not work in the lap, people do not pay attention to it. Dr. Sanjeet said that it is a long process to have infertility due to the effect of the laptop. Its long usage can cause problems such as reduction in sperm count, abnormal size of sperm, non-release of sperm. In the day, 1-2 hours do not use this, but even if we have a case, we know from the investigation how much is the sperm count. A sperm count of more than 15 million is normal, but less than that can be a problem.

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The risk of infertility in men is higher.
infertility in men is more then women

Doctors believe that laptop heat can cause more harm to men than women. The reason for this is body texture. Uterus in the body of women is inside the body while in men the testicle is in the outer part of the body due to which the heat radiation is much closer. Therefore, men should take special care while using laptops. High temperatures cause sperm quality and fertility can cause problems. The effects of the laptop gradually increase, so you will not get to see its effect suddenly.

Never place laptop on lap
Instead of keeping the laptop on your feet or on your lap, you use it on the table. Some people use the laptop to sit by sticking the feet, which causes the radiation of the laptop directly on the body. Heating heat from the device can make you sick. Avoid using the laptop continuously. This can cause pain in our issues. Long periods of sitting can cause muscle strains. Therefore, make a place to use laptop and work there.

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Wifi causes radiation
laptop radiation is harmful

Dr. Sanjeet said that the use of laptop is not as dangerous but the wifi connection connected to it is harmful. It is worse than working on a laptop for long periods of time when you use it by keeping it on yourself. All Internet devices use radiofrequency which can make our body sick. High frequency radiation leaves from Hordrive while high radiation comes out from Bluetooth connection. The laptop also has a cooling system to protect it from heat, but it can worsen your health. It is clear from this that laptop can spoil your health. Initially, due to radiation effects, you may have problems like sleeplessness, severe pain in the head.

Use laptops like this will not make you sick (How to use laptop)

  1. Do not work sitting continuously on the laptop, keep taking a break for a while. It is important for you to walk in the middle. This will not make the muscles feel stiff.
  2. Use a blue light filter on a laptop or computer. The filter protects the eyes from radiation.
  3. Turn off WiFi after you’re done. The heat extracted from it can also be harmful for you.
  4. If you have a problem with spondylitis then opt for a comfortable chair. This will not stress the back, waist and neck.
  5. Take special care of healthy diet along with work. Do a light workout This keeps the body flexible and illnesses run away.
  6. Use shield on laptop. This may prevent little from radiation. Laptop covers are available both in the market and online. You keep the laptop covered.
  7. Avoid working too heavily. This can cause problems in your spine. Excessive bending also affects the neck, so work by keeping the laptop in the right direction.
  8. Work at a reasonable distance from the laptop. Try to work only by placing it on the table. It is better to use an external keyboard or mouse than using a straight hand.
  9. Keep changing your position in a short time, it will not affect more on one part. Try not to place the laptop in a place where you cannot change your position.
  10. Stop using it if there is too much heat coming from the side of the laptop or if there is a loud noise. Some people keep using the device for a long time even after this happens. Avoid doing this.
    There is a big problem in infertility couples, so consult a doctor at the right time for its treatment. In time, the disease can be removed.

Is it bad to put your laptop on your legs?

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