Is dyslexia a mental illness?

Is dyslexia a mental illness? Dyslexia is a special learning disability that affects the brain’s ability to understand written and spoken language. It is generally considered to be an inability to read, but dyslexia can also affect the ability to write, understand spelling, and speak. This problem is lifelong, but various teaching methods and work policies have been developed to help dyslexia sufferers so that they can overcome this problem and enjoy a successful and meaningful life. Learn more about dyslexia in this article from Roma Kumar, Chief Child Psychologist of Moms Belief …

What are the Early Signs of Dyslexia
Is dyslexia a mental illness?

What are the causes of dyslexia?

There are many types of dyslexia and the reasons for different types of dyslexia can also vary. Although dyslexia is likely to be a family problem and research has shown that primary dyslexia can be caused by genetic reasons. Some researchers have identified certain genes that, in their opinion, promote symptoms and signs of dyslexia. These genes affect the mental ability to understand and read language.

Symptoms of dyslexia

In young children, there may be many symptoms that indicate dyslexia such as:

Take too much time
Slowness in learning new words
Trouble remembering letters or numbers and colors or mentioning their names
Difficulty in word structure correctly
Difficulty remembering nursery rhymes

Dyslexia in school children can cause many symptoms such as:

Difficulty in processing and responding to what you hear
Knowledge of reading is very low according to age
Difficulty in answering questions or finding the right words
Difficulty remembering the correct sequence of things
Difficulty seeing or hearing similarities and differences in letters and words
Difficulty understanding spelling
Unable to pronounce an unknown word
Tendency to avoid reading
Teenagers or adults also have symptoms of dyslexia in school children.

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What is the diagnosis of dyslexia?

If the parents of a child see that he is not able to develop his ability to read KG or First Grade, then take him to the doctor. The doctor will ask about the child’s development, medical history and the difficulties faced by the child in school. The child’s teachers (if the child studies in school) will also get information about him. It is possible to ask the child to take a test so that his / her ability to read and understand the language is known. Additionally, his ability to see, hear and do brain work will be tested.

Questions will also be asked about the child’s routine at home. Psychological testing can also be done to find out if a child’s reading ability has been affected due to nervousness or depression.

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What is the medical treatment of dyslexia?

Dyslexia is not treated with medicines. Children are generally helped to deal with the problems of dyslexia by using special techniques and special means of education. For example, a child can be taught to use other cognitions such as listening and touching to overcome the lack of reading ability. For many children, the help of expert experts can be sought in learning to read. Although dyslexia is a lifelong problem. This is not a temporary problem.

Is dyslexia a mental illness?

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