Is cinnamon good for your lips?

Is cinnamon good for your lips? Many people believe that lip balm is a beauty product while lip balm is beneficial for the skin of your lips, but if you make it naturally at home, it will be more beneficial for your lips. There are many chemicals in the lip balms available in the market, but you can make natural lip balms whenever you want and the ingredients present in them do not spoil your lips. If you also want to know how to make lip balm, then in this article we will learn how to make lip balm with cinnamon. Cinnamon will retain the natural color of your lips, keep the lips soft and will also get freedom from cracked skin. So let’s know how to make lip balm with cinnamon and its benefits.

Homemade lip balm cinnamon how to make benefits
Is cinnamon good for your lips?

cinnamon lip balm

How to make homemade cinnamon lip balm
Follow these steps to make Homemade Cinnamon Lip Balm-


Ingredients to make lip balm: To make cinnamon lip balm, you will need cinnamon powder, coconut oil, vitamin E capsule, beeswax and honey.


How to make lip balm:

Take coconut oil in a bowl.
Add a few drops of beeswax to the oil.
Put the mixture present in the bowl in a vessel and keep it on the gas to heat.
Now add Vitamin E oil to this mixture, remove the oil from the tablet and add it.
We all know the benefits of Vitamin E, it will give a good texture to the lip balm.
Now mix honey and cinnamon powder in this mixture.
When the mixture becomes thick, take it out in a container and use it.

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Benefits of applying Homemade Cinnamon Lip Balm

There are many benefits of applying homemade cinnamon lip balm like-

Applying a cinnamon lip balm makes the lips plump and attractive.
By applying cinnamon lip balm, the skin of the lips gets moisture.
Cinnamon contains oil, which gives a cool feeling to the skin of the lips.
Applying homemade cinnamon lip balm does not darken the lips.
If there is a problem of scab formation in your lips, then applying cinnamon lip balm will make the lips soft.
To soften the chapped lips, you apply cinnamon lip balm, the skin of the lips will become soft.
Applying cinnamon lip balm improves the blood circulation of the skin of the lips.

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Things to keep in mind while making lip balm
While making lip balm at home, keep these things in mind-

Use only fresh cinnamon powder.
Do not overheat the ingredients while making lip balm, as this will destroy their nutrients.
Prepare cinnamon powder by grinding it at home.
First, clean the container in which the lip balm is to be kept.
To add a natural color to the lip balm, you can add beetroot juice.
Do not make the mistake of adding artificial chemicals or ingredients to the lip balm.
Make and use only a small quantity of homemade lip balms, because homemade lip balms prepared without adding preservatives are prone to spoilage quickly, if you feel burning or swelling after applying lip balm, stop using it.

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