Is basil oil good for hair growth?

Is basil oil good for hair growth? In today’s time people are generally troubled by the problem of falling and breaking hair. However, hair breakage and fall is a matter of concern, as the hair once gone does not regrow naturally. Although it is natural to break a few hairs throughout the day, it becomes a matter of concern when there are many hair breakages throughout the day. If you also have this hair breakage and fall or other problems related to hair, then this article can be of use to you. Today, through this article, we will tell you a surefire solution to the problem of hair. Yes, by applying basil oil on the hair, the problem of hair problems like dandruff, breakage, premature graying or thin hair etc. is removed. Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties are found in basil oil, which makes hair healthy. Let us know about the hair problems that can be overcome by basil oil.

Tulsi or basil oil benefits for hair
Is basil oil good for hair growth?
  1. Prevent hair breakage

Both men and women suffer from the problem of hair breakage. Hair fall gives a lot of stress. You can apply basil oil to stop hair fall. Basil oil contains camphor. Which increases blood flow to the scalp. It is very helpful in hair fall. Also, basil oil contains an element called linalool. Its antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties accelerate stunted hair growth and prevent hair fall.

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  1. Removes dryness of hair
    Applying basil oil on the hair ends dryness of the hair. Also, the lost shine of the hair is regained. Basil oil gives freshness to the hair. It also adds volume to the hair. Its use gets rid of the sticking hairs. It affects oil production by improving the level of blood circulation on the scalp. Tulsi oil hydrates the hair and opens the clogged pores on the scalp, which leads to hair growth and removes dryness of the hair. This gives moisture to the hair.
  2. Prevent graying of hair
    In today’s time, hair turns white even before the age of 30. The reason behind this can be bad eating habits, drug habit or sun damage and pollution too. To avoid this, you can apply basil oil. The antioxidants present in basil oil protect the hair from sun damage. It also prevents damage to the hair cells. It also prevents premature graying of hair. Basil oil can be used to make hair black and thick.


  1. Relieve Dandruff
    The problem of dandruff is often faced in the changing seasons. Dandruff can embarrass you anywhere. Getting rid of dandruff is a bit difficult. But with the use of basil oil, you can get rid of dandruff soon. The antifungal, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of basil oil reduce dandruff by removing stickiness from the scalp. This not only reduces dandruff but also removes itching of the scalp and makes the hair look shiny.
  2. Remove dirt from hair
    Hair gets damaged due to dust, soil and pollution. Dirt starts to accumulate in the scalp. Because of this the hair becomes sticky and dirt accumulates in them. This oil reaches your scalp and cleans it internally. Basil oil can be used to clean from the root of the hair. Basil oil deep cleans the hair. It removes stickiness from the scalp. The eugenol present in basil oil keeps the scalp nourished. For this wash your hair by mixing a few drops of basil oil in your shampoo.

how to make basil oil
It is quite easy to make basil oil at home. For this you take some basil leaves.
Now take half a teaspoon of olive oil and a little salt. If you want, you can also take Tulsi powder.
Make a paste of basil powder or basil leaves and heat it with olive oil or coconut oil. Fenugreek seeds can also be added to it.
Now after the oil boils, filter it. Your oil is ready.

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Mix a few drops of Tulsi essential oil in your regular oil and give a deep massage to the scalp.
If you are using it for dandruff, then add a few drops of it to your shampoo and wash your head with it.
This oil is very thick. Avoid applying it directly on the scalp. For this, massage the scalp by mixing a few drops of it in any essential oil.
Basil oil is very beneficial for hair. You can also make it at home with the methods given in this article.

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