Is a chemical pregnancy a good sign of fertility?

Is a chemical pregnancy a good sign of fertility? Do you know what is chemical pregnancy? Pregnancy is confirmed in chemical pregnancy but you cannot become a mother. This problem occurs in many women. In such a pregnancy, the doctors see if the pregnancy has been confirmed in the early stage or if it is confirmed soon, then after a few days an ultrasound or test is done again. In some cases, doctors do abortion. This pregnancy quickly ends, so it is difficult to detect it through ultrasound. Let’s know the symptoms, causes and treatment of chemical pregnancy. For more information, we spoke to Dr. Sudha Verma, the Chief Medical Officer of Dufferin Hospital, Lucknow.

Chemical pregnancy symptoms causes and its effect on womens health
Is a chemical pregnancy a good sign of fertility?

chemical pregnancy causes

  1. What is chemical pregnancy? (What is chemical pregnancy)

Chemical pregnancy is a condition in which if you use a test kit to detect pregnancy, a very thin line is formed which causes confusion whether there is pregnancy or not. When you get an ultrasound done to confirm, it has test negative results. It is also known as unaxon pregnancy in medical language.

  1. What happens when there is chemical pregnancy? (Situation after chemical pregnancy)

In six weeks, the fetus develops and the fetus develops but due to chemical pregnancy, the fetus cannot develop. Pregnancy ends automatically in 5 weeks. Doctors do ultrasound to confirm the chemical pregnancy and when the report comes, it is known whether you are really pregnant or not.

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  1. Why does chemical pregnancy happen? (Causes of chemical pregnancy)

reasons for chemical pregnancy

There can be many reasons for chemical pregnancy. If there is any issue in the lining of the utrus, then there can be a chemical pregnancy. Even if the level of the hormone continues to decline, chemical pregnancy can also occur. There is unforeseen pregnancy even if the quality of egg is not good or if egg is not fertilized properly. It can also happen due to any kind of infection. If you plan pregnancy after the age of 35, you can still have chemical pregnancy. Women who have diseases such as thyroid, hemophilia can also have chemical pregnancy.

  1. What are the signs of chemical pregnancy? (Symptoms of chemical pregnancy)

If you have chemical pregnancy, then it comes first, positive and immediately negative. Bleeding is not necessary in chemical pregnancy, but some women have experienced bleeding, so consider bleeding as one of the reasons for chemical pregnancy. Spasms such as periods or abdominal pain can also be signs of chemical pregnancy. Chemical pregnancy is also an indication that the level of HCG hormone has decreased in the report when your test is positive.

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  1. What is the treatment for chemical pregnancy? (Treatment of chemical pregnancy)

Some women feel that after chemical pregnancy, they will not be pregnant again, which is not the case. Chemical pregnancy is detected through beta hCG test and blood test. If you have had a chemical pregnancy, you may have to do some tests, such as ultrasound or CT scan, because the doctor will be able to help you by knowing the reason so that it does not happen again with you. Doctors can give you antibiotics in case of chemical pregnancy so that there is no infection in the body if you have pregnancy, in some rare cases, surgery may be required due to disturbances in the uterus. In some cases, you may also have to get abortion.

If you also see such symptoms, then contact Gynecologist.

Is a chemical pregnancy a good sign of fertility?

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