Colors have a deep meaning in our life. Without them, life becomes desolate and sad. They have the ability to affect our emotions and mental state. Through colors we also get information about things like signs and light. If these colors are not seen then you cannot enjoy any facility of modern life. For people who do not see the color i.e. color blindness, it is quite difficult to identify colors.

Although this condition is called blindness but technically it is not blindness. Rather, there is a lack of seeing blue, yellow or red green. Alopecia usually lacks the ability to see red and green. In this, people do not see red and green ingredients. They are confused with red, green or yellow then other colors.

Symptoms of Color Vision Deficiency In Children

Dr. Gaganjeet Singh Gujral, senior ophthalmologist, says, “Heredity, usually hereditary, is detected in childhood. If your child does not recognize blue or yellow or red and green, then this is the first The symptom is that your child may be color blind. In this case, the child is unable to distinguish things based on colors. So as a parent you have to understand the child’s ability to understand colors at the same time when he or she is Is learning to recognize color. Also, if the ability to recognize color suddenly decreases, it can be a sign of a health problem, such as cataract. “

What are the causes of color blindness

Primarily albinism is a genetic condition that comes from parents to children. But in some cases, this problem also occurs later on due to diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or if the optic nerve or retina is damaged by the consumption of toxins. As mentioned earlier, the lack of not recognizing red and green is usually inherited and depends on the chromosome-associated genes.

Identification of color blindness (Diagnosis) – Diagnosis of Color Vision Deficiency

Alopecia can be identified by ophthalmologists and optometrists. They use special charts of dots of different colors. People who have color blindness find it very difficult to identify these points. If a person is found to be a color blind then it is thoroughly investigated and it is found out what the nature of this deficiency is.

Treatment for Color Blindness

There is no cure for genetic blindness, but most people find ways to adjust it. Children who have color blindness also need some help in classes. If color blindness causes problems in everyday work, then you can apply contact lenses and glasses which are helpful in distinguishing colors. Apart from this, you can also resort to visual aids, apps and other technology to live with color blindness.

It is important that children should be involved in every activity that benefits them mentally or treats them to reduce the adverse effect on them. It is equally important to give them proper counseling about their corresponding careers. Every day people struggling with this difficulty should be fully informed, guide about its effects and explain the techniques that help them to make it easier to live with it.

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