How to exercise during pregnancy for a risk free delivery

How to exercise during pregnancy for a risk free delivery: What is the right way to exercise in pregnancy? Exercising during pregnancy is beneficial for both mother and child, but you need to know the right way to exercise during pregnancy because the body functions in a different way from normal at this time. If you know the right way to exercise, then it will be easier for the body to push the baby during delivery. During pregnancy, the child’s weight causes muscle pain. If you exercise, you will get rid of pain. But you have to avoid heavy workouts. Stop exercising immediately if you notice signs of breathlessness, pain, swelling, dizziness during exercise. In diseases like diabetes, anemia, high blood pressure, exercise should be done only after consulting a doctor. Yoga is beneficial in pregnancy. This will strengthen the digestive system and keep you stress free. For more information on this subject, we spoke to Dr. Archana Dhawan Bajaj, Gynecologist at Nurture IVF Center, Delhi.

How to exercise during pregnancy for a risk free delivery
How to exercise during pregnancy for a risk free delivery

exercise during pregnancy
Why is exercise beneficial in pregnancy? (Importance of exercise during pregnancy)

Exercising during pregnancy relieves both mental stress and physical discomfort. Exercising during pregnancy causes pelvic muscle relaxations, which can easily result in vaginal delivery. On the other hand, if the delivery is done by the operation, then you will get help from the workout. You can do yoga, jumba, etc. from the second quarter of pregnancy, but do consult your doctor. Exercising during pregnancy also provides relief from pain. In pregnancy, the weight of the child causes muscle pain. If you feel pain in your stomach, waist, back, then do a light exercise, you will get relief from pain.

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When should you workout during pregnancy? (Situations when you should avoid exercise during pregnancy)

Do not exercise in the first quarter. During this time, you can do a light workout or walk. If you are in high risk pregnancy, then you do not have to exercise. You can do yoga or walk on the advice of a doctor. Some women complain of dizziness, severe pain, abdominal pain, swelling etc. while exercising in pregnancy, in which case the workout should be stopped.

Avoid heavy exercise during pregnancy

You should avoid heavy workouts during pregnancy. During this time you should do light yoga or exercise. Apart from this, you should also avoid running or horse riding. A heavy workout can make you tired. If you want, you can do light work at home, but doctors always insist that you should stop work when you are tired and take more rest in pregnancy.

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Do yoga during pregnancy

yoga for pregnant woman

You should adopt yoga during pregnancy. Start with anulom-villom. By doing yoga, your digestive system will remain strong. There are many types of stresses to the mother during pregnancy. Doing yoga will keep the mind calm. If you have trouble sleeping, then doing yoga will make you sleep peacefully.
Do not exercise alone during pregnancy is not safe.

You should not workout alone during pregnancy. This can be harmful to you and the child’s health. There is a fear of injury or loss in the workout, but it is not right to get hurt or fall in pregnancy, so try to exercise only under the supervision of someone. If you have diseases like diabetes, anemia, high blood pressure, then exercise by asking your doctor.

With these methods, you can exercise safely in pregnancy, but before taking anything on your own, please consult your doctor.

How to exercise during pregnancy for a risk free delivery

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