How to cure chapped lips fast

how to cure chapped lips fast? Most people use lip balm to moisturize the lips, but let us tell you that lip balm damages the skin of the lips. The ingredients present in the lip balm of the skin of the lips can be harmful and they can increase the problem of redness, dryness, itching etc. in the lips. In this article, we will know how lip balm is harmful for the lips and what solutions are suggested by dermatologists. We spoke to Dr. Devesh Mishra, Senior Consultant Dermatologist, Om Skin Clinic, Lucknow for better information on this topic.

lip balm really beneficial for dry lips
How to cure chapped lips fast

Are lip balms really good for lips? (Does lip balm actually works)
The job of lip balm is to moisturize the lips, but in reality, lip balms are not so beneficial for the lips unless they are made with natural and right ingredients. Lip balm will give moisture to your lips for some time, but after some time this moisture will disappear and the skin will start to have a bad effect, after which the skin of the lips can be troubled by dry, red and itchy.

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Lip balm ingredients cause damage to the lips (Side effects of using lip balm)
By applying some lip balm, the skin of the lips does not get hydration. Ingredients like menthol, phenol, camphor are present in lip balm, which damage the skin of the lips. By applying this, the lips feel numb, which damages the skin. These ingredients dehydrate the skin of the lips and can also lead to redness or itching.

Disadvantages of Flavored Lip Balm
Fragrances and flavors are added to lip balm such as cinnamon, peppermint, citrus, mint, etc. These can cause skin rashes or itching problem and can dehydrate the skin. Try to buy lip balm after reading the ingredients, as well as buy plain lip balm instead of any kind of flavored lip balm, which contains glycerin, vitamin E, jojoba oil, almond oil etc.

What treatment do dermatologists recommend for dry lips? (Dermatologist solution for chapped dry lips)
ghee for lips

Dermatologist Dr Devesh told that to cure dry lips, you first increase the water intake, due to dehydration, the lips become dry and dry.
You can use ghee, butter, aloe vera, jojoba oil, almond oil on the lips to protect the lips from dryness.
Apart from this, you should scrub at least once a week to keep the lips healthy. You can prepare a lip scrub by mixing butter, sugar, honey and coffee.
You can use petroleum jelly for damaged lips. Leave the petroleum jelly on overnight.
Lips need Vitamin E to stay healthy, it is a type of antioxidant that will protect your lips from getting dry.
If you are going out, it is important to protect your lips from UV rays, so you should also apply petroleum jelly or glycerin on the lips so that the UV rays do not directly damage the lips.

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