How much exercise does a child need?

How much exercise does a child need? Whether grown up or having children, the importance of keeping oneself physically active cannot be understated. However, when it comes to children, we ignore the role of exercise for their health and well being. Some people feel that children have a flexible body and do not need exercise. However, it is not like that.

According to the guidelines of the US Department of Health and Human Services, children six and older require at least one hour of physical activity a day and must do so. According to the study, children should do aerobic or some regular exercise at least three times a week. While the remaining three days of the week, exercises should be done to strengthen muscles and bones.

Exercise is Important for Children to do Daily
How much exercise does a child need?

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To enhance the development of children, the department also recommended that it is necessary to keep the child between three to five physically active. Parents should monitor their children’s physical activities and motivate them to participate in active play which includes a range of activities. By exercising, children have good physical as well as mental health.

Another study presented last year at the ‘American Academy of Pediatrics 2018 National Conference and Exhibition’ found that more than half of children ignore weekly physical activity. Whereas even the children who do it are able to do barely two or three days in a week.

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Abstract presenter Julie Young, research assistant at the Pediatric Hospital for the Nationwide Children’s Hospital, says exercise should be used as an important sign of health. Physical activity has many benefits. Asking questions about how children can get these benefits can be important conversations for clinicians to make important conversations with families.

The findings examined 7,822 children’s self-reported physical activity over a three-year period. Children were seen at outpatient pediatric sports medicine clinics. Statistics show that only 5.2 percent of children met daily goals for physical activity. In addition, 49.6 percent were insufficiently active and 5 percent had no physical activity.

The categories were based on the number of minutes per week in which children participated in physical activity based on the recommended 60 minutes per day or 420 minutes of activity per week. However, the researchers also noted that physical activity increased with exercise in young children. Childhood physical activity is important for developing motor skills and physical literacy, which can affect physical activity behavior throughout life.

How much exercise does a child need?

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