How Men Suffer from Postpartum Depression

How Men Suffer from Postpartum Depression: Postpartum Depression is often talked about in women, but there is no talk about it in men. According to one study, men may also suffer from postpartum depression. While apathy is a predominant factor in postpartum emotional disorders, which is commonly seen in women. A 2010 article by James F. Paulson in the Psychiatric Times estimates the incidence of significant depression in new fathers as between 1-26 percent. However, many new parents are not very aware of these health issues. They feel that the hard work they are doing in taking care of the child is why this fatigue is showing their effect. But in fact, this sadness of your baby after arrival can be postpartum depression.


What are the causes of postpartum depression in men?

Parenting is a huge responsibility and men are not always ready for the challenge. Most families today have a different setup, where there is a shortage of people to handle new children. Thus the lack of other adults in the house leads to further stress on the new parents. In such a situation, when a child comes to the house, the men have to help in everything by supporting their wives. But it can be a short and time-consuming depression. At the same time, if this depression is severe, then family history should be checked. Because if a male has a family history of depression, then postpartum depression is more likely. Speaking of other reasons,

– Work pressure
– Work – Inability to maintain balance in life
– Excessive running around
-Stress and lack of rest

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Symptoms of postpartum depression in men

Due to lack of awareness, men do not always know when they have experienced postpartum blues or not. Most men are not vocal on this issue, trying to remain strong. Others express it as anger, frustration, and irritability. In the same way, they do not get a chance to take time for themselves while leading a run-of-the-mill life and balancing home and office, which troubles them within. While talking about their other symptoms, these include-

– Anger and irritability
– Excessively lost or depressed
-Keeping away from people and spending time alone
– Inter-personal relationships are affected
– Lack of interest in work
– Sleeplessness etc.


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How to treat postpartum depression in men?

Since postpartum depression in men often stems from an inability to cope with parenting stress, the ideal way of treating it is through counseling. For this, family members should encourage such men more. The child’s mother should provide adequate support to the father. In fact, counseling should be initiated to sensitize them about the care and upbringing of the newborn. On the other hand, if things are not going well, then call your parents or parents. At the same time, you can also take help from your siblings in this work. Try to have someone take care of your child. Otherwise, get help from home helpers or midwives. At the same time, you can also do some of these things.

First, try to take time away from child care and get a good sleep.
Do not try to balance more by being upset with new things, it will make you more tired.
Take help of family members in child care.
-Adopt the child with open mind and pay attention to its interesting things.
– When the child falls asleep, take time for yourself.
Seek counseling if you have any problems.

How Men Suffer from Postpartum Depression

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