How long does a sprained take to heal?

How long does a sprained take to heal? It is common to get sprains in the hands or feet, but when the sprain occurs then there is unbearable pain, it becomes painful. A sprain makes it difficult to walk. Many times, due to the unbalance of the foot while walking or running, the foot gets twisted and the bone of the foot gets twisted excessively, due to which the foot gets sprained and swelling occurs at the sprained site. Similarly, the hand also gets sprain. The use of turmeric and lime is a panacea in curing this sprain.

How to Treat Sprain at Home?
How long does a sprained take to heal?

Nowadays, there are many types of medicines available in the market to reduce the swelling of sprains, but the medicines have their disadvantages. In such a situation, turmeric and lime is such a home remedy that has been going on since the time of grandmother. Both turmeric and lime have anti-inflammatory properties. In today’s article, we will learn how to use this home remedy to reduce the swelling of a sprain.

How to prepare this indigenous medicine to cure sprain

This indigenous medicine of turmeric and lime is very effective in curing sprains of feet or hands. Even today this recipe is used in many homes. Prepare this recipe of turmeric lime in the following way-

First of all take one spoon turmeric and one spoon lime.
Mix lime and turmeric. Heat it up a bit.
With lukewarm, apply this paste on the sprained area as a paste.
Tie a bandage after applying the paste.
Use this remedy until the swelling of the feet or hands goes away.
In this way, by applying turmeric-lime, the swelling of your feet or hands will end as soon as possible. Also, there will be relief in pain.

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benefits of turmeric

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Which is also beneficial in joint pain to swelling in hands or feet. Generally, turmeric is used in food and drink in Indian homes. But applying it on the body also gives many benefits. Curcumin found in turmeric is very beneficial in curing pain. Turmeric is hot. When a sprain occurs, turmeric works very effectively in healing the swelling at that place.


Due to the warmth of turmeric, the swelling starts reducing. In Indian homes, turmeric is used for food as well as for skin glow. Therefore, when sprain occurs, turmeric is used.

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benefits of lime

Lime is also called calcium carbonate. Lime is considered a good source of calcium. Calcium is beneficial for strong bones. When you try this home remedy made of turmeric and lime to heal a sprain, both lime and turmeric work together and reduce inflammation. When the swelling subsides, it becomes easier to walk.

You must have often seen the use of lime in khaini, tobacco or paan, but lime is also very beneficial in reducing the swelling of the injury. Lime is also used in gulkand, cardamom or betel nut. It is also beneficial in problems like impotence.

This home remedy made of lime and turmeric is a panacea in reducing the swelling of sprains. This recipe is still used in Indian homes today.

How long does a sprained take to heal?

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