How fast does encephalitis progress?

How fast does encephalitis progress? The Muzaffarpur area of ​​Bihar state is making headlines all over the country due to the fever named Chammi, but the reason is the death of children and young girls. Hundreds of innocents have lost their lives due to fever, and the fact is that the figure is not taking the name of pause. The ‘acute encephalitis syndrome’ that we are calling ‘chum fever’ is actually a kind of meningitis. This disease affects children between the age of 1 to 8 years more because their immunity is very weak, due to which they are vulnerable.

How fast does encephalitis progress?

After all, what is ‘chhami’ fever?

Acute encephalitis syndrome is what we Indians call ‘chum fever’. A patient suffering from this syndrome starts having cramps in the brain and body and his body suddenly starts to harden. Fever fever is a contagious disease and its virus reaches our body and starts breeding by joining our blood. As the number of this virus increases, then it reaches our brain as well as the brain and starts swelling in the cells. The ‘central nervous system’ of the body also worsens due to this disease.

The reason being said litchi

Although doctors have not been able to get a proper idea of ​​this fever but many reasons are coming out behind it. Many doctors are associating it with scorching heat and many experts believe that heat, humidity, dirt and malnutrition are giving rise to the disease. Initially, information about deaths of children due to eating litchi was revealed. In fact, the elements hypoglycin A and methylenecyclopropylglycine (MPCG) found in lychee inhibit the formation of fatty acid metabolism in the body. Due to which the level of blood sugar starts decreasing and the person starts having brain problems and the patient starts having seizures.

Symptoms of Hot Fever

The child continues to have high fever, body cramps, and the child has teeth on its teeth.
Due to weakness, the child remains unconscious again and again. His body becomes numb.
Children feel mental disorientation.
The child feels nervous.

What do parents do when they have a fever

In case of high fever, wipe the child’s body with a wet cloth, so that the fever will not rise on his head.
Paracetamol tablet or syrup should be given to children only after consulting a doctor.
Give the ORS solution to the child, take care that do not use this solution after 24 hours.
In case of fever, take the child to the hospital and lie him to the right or left.
Always place the child in the shadow area.
In case of fever, keep the neck of the child straight.
Protect the child from sunlight and heat.
Feed him a nutritious diet and do not let the lack of water.

What not to do inSuch a Situation

Do not feed the child on an empty stomach, even forgetting litchi.
Do not wear warm clothes to the child.
When the child is unconscious, do not put anything in its mouth.
Do not sit on the bed with the patient.
Do not unnecessarily irritate or make noise during the stay with the patient.

Important investigation in brain disease

Doctors recommend MRI or CT scan at the time of fever, as well as blood or urine tests can be done to identify this fever. If the child has early symptoms, then a sample of fluid from the spinal cord is examined.

Take Precautions

Do not feed children any false and rotten fruit.
Keep children away from dirt.
Be sure to wash hands before and after eating.
Take care that children drink clean water.
Do not let their nails grow.
Avoid children playing in the sun during the summer season.
At night, send the child to sleep only after feeding him something.

How fast does encephalitis progress?

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