How does smoking marijuana affect sperm?

How does smoking marijuana affect sperm? If you are doing family planning and are fond of eating or drinking cannabis, then be careful, it can prove very dangerous for you. In a research conducted on more than two thousand people in Britain, there is a very negative report related to men, knowing that you will also be surprised. Research has shown that men who consume too much of cannabis have poor fertility. The size of their sperm (sperm) gets smaller which reduces their fertility. There is much more to this, read this article.

Marijuana uses might make men infertile
How does smoking marijuana affect sperm?

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A research team from the universities of Sheffield and Manchester tried to find out. The team conducted research to find out how factors related to men’s lifestyle affect sperm size. In research, they found that the sperm count of ejaculated semen was not good during the summer months. At the same time, research was also done on some men whose sexual activities took place after about a week. The sperm size of such men was much better. The results of this study, based on interactions with 2,249 people from 14 breeding centers in Britain, have been published in the journal ‘Human Reproduction’.


Dr. Alan Pacey, senior professor in the Department of Andrology at the University of Sheffield, says that according to data from the research, if cannabis users are planning a family, then stop a bit. Such people should stop using it. Consumption of cannabis weakens sperm. Apart from this, the effect on the sperm count of men who smoke, drink alcohol and other drugs has also been observed. Research in the laboratory has shown that they become ineffective due to abnormal size of the sperm. This can give a big shock to the family planning.

Consumption of cannabis has more disadvantages

You may enjoy drinking cannabis but it affects your ability to think and understand.
Consuming cannabis in any form can also affect your health. This can cause irritability in you.
It has harmful effects on men as well as women. The fetus of women can cause harm to the baby.
Excessive drinking or eating cannabis causes headache, insomnia, vomiting, nervousness etc.
Consumption of cannabis causes problems like loss of appetite, inability to sleep. This may lead to blood pressure.

How does smoking marijuana affect sperm?

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