How does junk food affect your immune system?

How does junk food affect your immune system? On holiday, children often demand something different to eat. Nowadays, the habit of eating junk foods like pizza, burgers, french fries, chowmein, momos, has increased a lot. You already know that junk foods increase obesity in children. But a recent research suggests that eating more junk foods increases the risk of allergies in children and reduces their memory. Young children, who go to school, ie those who are developing rapidly, their habit of junk foods can be very dangerous. This can stop the mental development of children and weaken their mind. Let us tell you how junk foods affect the health of children.

Eating Junk Foods may increase Risk of Allergy and Memory Loss
How does junk food affect your immune system?

Risk of allergy from junk foods in children

This research was presented at the annual conference of the European Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology Hepatology and Nutrition. According to research, foods that are high in sugar, high in salt, processed, made or heated in a microwave, or roasted in a barbecue can all be allergic to children. All of these diets increase the amount of ‘Advanced Glycation and Products (AGEs) in Foods’, which can cause children to be allergic.

Risk of diabetes and bone diseases at an early age

High diet (AGEs) like- pizza, burger, french fries, donuts, cold drinks, soda, chowmein etc. increase the risk of oxidative diseases. Diabetes is predominant in these diseases. Apart from this, by eating such foods for a long time, the bones of children become weak.

Research on 6 to 12 year olds

For this research, 61 children between the ages of 6 to 12 years were studied. Among these, children were divided into 3 categories, the first category were children who already have food allergies, the second category included children who have respiratory disease and the third category kept those children who were whole Were kind of healthy. Researchers after research came to the conclusion that junk foods are bad for children in every way.

Memory is weak

Children who eat junk foods 1-2 times a week have a weak brain and mental development is not well. Actually junk foods look tasty and eating them also fills the stomach, but they do not contain nutrients at all. The body needs a small amount of vitamins, protein, minerals, etc. daily to stay healthy. All these things are found in junk foods very rarely or not at all. So it spoils the brain.

How does junk food affect your immune system?

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