How does dyslexia affect a child’s social development?

How does dyslexia affect a child’s social development? Do you remember the short film for Taare Zameen Par? Everyone considers that child as mentally weak and ‘foolish’ because he gets less mixed with people and does not mind reading and writing. We see such children around us and even in homes, who do not like to study and do not mix with friends and people. Such children have to face scolding and contempt everywhere. But do you know that these habits of children can also be caused by some mental illness. Yes, one such disease is dyslexia. If media reports were to be believed, the childhood movie star Abhishek Bachchan was also a victim of this disorder called dyslexia. Let us tell you what is this disease and what are its causes and prevention.

How Dyslexia Disorder Affects Childs Ability to Learn-and Speak
How does dyslexia affect a child’s social development?

What is dyslexia disorder

Dyslexia is a disorder found in children. One in every 10 children worldwide is found to be the victim of this disease. The Dyslexia Association of India estimates that about 10 to 15 percent of school children in India are victims of the disease. Due to this disease, children have trouble recognizing letters, writing them and speaking words. However, some children take longer than normal to learn, so you should understand the difference between dyslexia and slow learner. In dyslexia it is difficult to read, write and configure words. This happens because the brain merges words or letters.

Symptoms of dyslexia

Symptoms of dyslexia can usually be difficult to identify before a child goes to school, but some early symptoms may indicate a problem. When the child reaches school age, his teacher may first notice the problem. Often the problem becomes apparent when the child starts reading. The following signs are seen in such children-

Such children start speaking late
Learn new words slowly
Difficulty memorizing and repeating nursery rhymes
Problem remembering things in their order
Difficulty in understanding the instructions given fast
Difficult to learn and remember by listening
Difficulty playing poems
Difficulty in doing math problems
Reading below the expected level according to age
Problem understanding things on hearing
Difficulty seeing differences in letters and words
Inability to pronounce an unfamiliar word
There are problems like learning foreign languages
Difficulty understanding unclear jokes or faces
Difficulty summarizing the story

Is it possible to treat dyslexia

Dyslexia is a type of mental disorder and can be eradicated completely. Some different techniques can be used to teach such children.

Usually such children have to explain everything by example.
Things should be explained in as easy and entertaining way as possible.
Can take pictures, characters, stories and songs.
Call and write the letter which is difficult to identify and speak again and again.
In addition, some learning and motivational therapies can also be taken.
Concentration and memory can be increased by better eating and yogasanas.

How does dyslexia affect a child’s social development?

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