How does childrens immune system response towards coronavirus

How does childrens immune system response towards coronavirus: All the cases of corona virus reported worldwide, only 2-3% of cases have been seen in children. Most children who suffered a corona infection did not have very severe symptoms. Many children show only common symptoms such as cough, runny nose, fever or no symptoms after the coronation, so a fact has emerged that the corona virus is making children less ill. It was reported 4-5 months before today that the symptoms of corona virus are less severe in children, but why this happens was not known yet. But scientists have discovered this in a recent research.

How does childrens immune system response towards coronavirus
How does childrens immune system response towards coronavirus

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Immune response to children is different from adults

This new study compared the response of children and adults to the immune system, to find out what is so special about children’s immune systems that protect them from the corona virus, and adults or older people have to become more infected. Used to be. This research has been published in Science Translational Medicine. According to research, a branch of the children’s immune system destroys the corona virus in their body before it can harm the body. Overall, in this research, it has been found that the immune system of children responds to viruses differently than adults, due to which they are at risk of infection, but the risk of serious condition is less.

How does the immune system fight viruses?

Whenever an external virus or pathogen enters the body, the immune activity starts within a few hours, so that the virus can be prevented from causing more harm in the body. This process is called innate immune response because it starts naturally on its own. For this, the body immediately employs some body defenders. Since all viruses and bacteria are new to the body of children at a young age, their immune system keeps fighting against these viruses and bacteria all the time and their immune response is much faster.

Adult immune system responds late

The immune system of adults has already formed antibodies against most of the viruses and bacteria around them, so it kind of gets a little lethargic because it doesn’t have new viruses or bacteria to fight against. This is why it takes a little longer for the corona virus to respond to their immune system and by then the virus has spread itself in the body.

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Understand what is the whole matter in easy language

You can understand this with an example that the children’s immune system is a fighting active warrior, who immediately finds ways to kill him when the corona virus arrives. While the immune system of elders has already won many battles, the warrior is powerful but is resting. In such a situation, it takes a little more time to get ready and fight again, and within that time the corona virus does its job.

How was the research done?

For this research, the scientists selected 60 adults and 65 children (under 24 years), who were admitted to Montefiore Medical Center in New York City between March 13 and May 17. Scientists in research found that the immune system of children responds to the virus more quickly than adults, so the virus is able to do less harm to their body.

How does childrens immune system response towards coronavirus

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