How does a copper t work?

How does a copper t work? A better alternative to family planning is copper tea. Nowadays, all medicines and injections in contraceptives are available in the market. Women often resort to copper T when they have to stop unwanted pregnancy. So at the same time, if a woman has become a mother once and does not want to have a child yet, then she can also take the help of copper tea. Copper tea is a small copper and plastic machine. Which is applied in the uterus of women. Its tea shape fits easily in the uterus of women. But in many cases, it has been seen that if the copper tea is not applied safely or correctly, it gets misplaced or women start having problems with it. This is the reason why they give out copper tea. Dr. Pragya Goyal, a gynecologist at Mohali’s Grasian Super Specialty Hospital, informed us about what women should take care of before putting a copper tea and after installing a copper tea. He also highlighted other questions related to copper tea.

How does a copper t work know its uses side effects and precautions
How does a copper t work?

What happens when there is no copper-T suit?

Dr. Pragya said that many women do not have copper T-suits. After this, they start bleeding. Chances of infection increase more. Discharge tends to be higher. If there is an infection in the pelvis, then the copper tea has to be removed. There is no harm if you apply copper tea carefully. It is believed that copper T99 percent succeeds.
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Take care of these things before installing copper tea

Gynecologist Dr. Pragya said that copper tea is the best way to prevent unwanted pregnancy, but it has been seen many times that women come to complain that after applying copper tea, they get bleeding, stomach ache or pain in vagina There is swelling. Any such situation comes when the copper tea is not carefully applied. The doctor told Only My Health that the following things should be kept in mind whenever women go to a doctor to get copper tea applied.

  1. Apply copper tea only after the period. Applying copper T after the period reduces the chances of having a baby. If a woman puts copper tea in the middle of the period, she can become pregnant. Dr. Pragya said that copper tea is always applied after the period because at this time the portion of women in which the copper tea is to be opened is slightly more open. At that time it is easy to apply copper tea. And it also shows that if the woman is not pregnant then it is better to apply copper tea.
  2. Whenever you apply copper tea, keep in mind that the doctor should wear gloves in his hands. The coat they are wearing is clean.
  3. The bed on which the patient lies on should be clean while applying copper tea. Clean that entire area. Copper tee should be applied by applying steroid sheet.
  4. The patient is less susceptible to infection by applying copper tea after taking care with utmost care and cleanliness.
  5. The instruments using which the copper tea is being applied are completely clean, even then the patient will not get infection.
  6. Dr. Pragya says that if the woman has any prior infection or is having discharge before applying copper tea, then we treat the infection first. Then apply copper tea. He told that sometimes there is cook in Uterus, blood flows more in such situations, we do not apply copper tea. First treat it and then apply copper tea.

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Keep these things in mind after installing copper tea

According to gynecologist Dr. Pragya, the copper tea has a time limit of five years and 10 years. It depends on the couple how long they want to get copper tea. But women who want to get copper tea must keep these things in mind so that they do not have problems related to copper tea.

  1. Always put copper tea in the hospital. Also, note that cleanliness has been taken care of in the place where copper tea is being installed in the hospital.
  2. According to Dr., after the first period after applying copper tea, get it checked. Because copper tea is more likely to be released in this situation. If you have missed the period after applying copper tea, then it is necessary to check it and when you come, do it.
  3. Women can become pregnant even after applying copper tea. If you have missed the period after applying copper tea, do not think that you have applied copper tea, then you cannot be pregnant, you can be. Therefore, if you have such a problem, please see a doctor.
  4. Keep doing self-examination. Keep checking whether the copper tea is in the right place by touching the thread which remains out of the copper tea. If you are unable to feel that thread, then you must go to the doctor. It may not be that the copper tea has gone missing. Or the copper has gone into the abdomen. However, the chances of copper tea going into the abdomen are very less.

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Can a relationship be formed after applying copper tea?

The question is very common among the couple who install copper tea, whether they can form a relationship after installing copper tea. So in response to this question, Dr. Pragya said that yes can be made. Applying copper tea does not affect the bonding. After the introduction of copper tea, there is no worry about unwanted pregnancy, in this case the couple can make a more comfortable relationship.

Copper tea is the most accurate way to prevent unwanted pregnancy. But many times, when applying copper tea, when the doctors do not take care of complete care and cleanliness, then women also have to face its side effects. This is the reason why some women do not have a copper T-suit. For this, Dr. Pragya Goyal said that whenever copper tea is applied, a lot of cleanliness is taken care of. Also, care is taken that the patient does not have any infection beforehand. If you are also struggling with this problem, then contact the doctor.

How does a copper t work?

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