How do you raise awareness for prostate cancer?

How do you raise awareness for prostate cancer? The month of September is celebrated worldwide as ‘Prostate Cancer Awareness Month’. In which 22 September is celebrated as World CML Day. Its aim is to make people aware of the causes of prostate cancer and motivate people to make necessary changes in their lifestyle, so that they can be protected from life-threatening prostate cancer and CML diseases. So let’s go into detail about prostate cancer and the important things related to it.

Prostate Cancer Awareness Month
How do you raise awareness for prostate cancer?

What is prostate cancer
Prostate cancer occurs in men. Actually the prostate is a gland and it makes the fluid, which contains sperm. The prostate is located under the bladder, which is nut-like in shape. This cancer is right there. According to the report of the World Health Organization, prostate cancer has increased rapidly in men of Asian descent, including India, in the last two decades. Men over the age of 55 are at higher risk of prostate cancer. If you know about this cancer in the early stages, then it can definitely be cured.

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Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Which men are at risk of prostate cancer
Men older than 55 years
Having a history of prostate cancer in the family
Black men are more at risk
Men who consume red meat, ghee or milk, etc.
Men who are very intoxicated

Symptoms of prostate cancer
Frequent urination, especially at night
Having trouble urinating
Intermittent urination or poor urine flow
Pain and burning sensation while urinating
Hardness in penis during contact
Blood in the urine or semen.
Continuous pain in the hip, thigh bones and back

Test check and then treatment
The doctor may test the prostate specific antigen (PSA) to check for prostate cancer. It is a chemical of the body, if its level is high, then the chances of prostate cancer are high. A biopsy test is performed to detect prostate cancer. A biopsy can reveal how fast prostate cancer is spreading in the body. Doctors recommend biopsy only on the basis of PSA and rectal examination. CT scan and bone scan can also be done to know if it is not affecting other parts of the body.

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When prostate cancer is detected in its initial state, complete treatment is possible. During treatment, the level of testorone is reduced from the body for which surgery, chemography or hormonal therapy etc. are used. Sometimes even after surgery, it has to be stopped with radiation therapy and medicines. After this, its condition is checked every three months by PSA blood test and other tests.

How do you raise awareness for prostate cancer?

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