How do you make exercise fun for kids?

How do you make exercise fun for kids? Physical activity is very important for a growing child. But currently children are unable to go to the grounds and parks to play due to the lockdown. In this way all their physical activities have stopped. They are confined indoors and this can outweigh their mental and physical health and fitness. In such a situation, as a parent, you need to be aware of this fact and actively take some necessary steps for it. Regular exercise can help your child to engage in body movements and balance weight at this time. This will also improve his mental fortitude and he will be able to do it physically.

How do you make exercise fun for kids?

Why Exercise is important for Children

Exercise is very important for children as it leads them towards an active lifestyle. In fact, many research suggests that children who have low physical activity tend to have an increased risk of developing conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. This is the reason why it has become important to encourage exercise in children from the very beginning and to make a habit of staying fit from an early age. As well as research talking about the benefits of exercise in children, it also suggests that this regular physical activity can boost self-esteem, mood, and quality of sleep, reducing their chances of stress, depression, and dementia. On the other hand, regular exercise has many health benefits for children and young people, such as:

– Improve fitness
– Increase concentration
-Improve academic score
– Build a strong heart, bones and healthy muscles
-Healthy development
-Improvement in self-esteem
-Improve balance and balance
-edge off
– Encourage better night sleep

What exercises to do to children during lockdown?

This will improve the flexibility of the body and makes muscle coordination easier. Also helps to improve blood circulation. This exercise will be easier for children. Let’s know the right way to do it.

– Sit with your back straight and spread both legs as much as you can.
– Hold the right knee with the right hand.
– Move the left hand over the head and lean to the right.
-Try to pull the whole body.
– Keep breathing normally.
– Repeat this 5 again.

Have children get Planks

It is a very good exercise for core, abs and back. It can be easy for children to exercise. They don’t have much to do it, just get them done by what we are telling you.

-Shut the child down and ask your forearms to stick on the ground.
– Keep the arms at a shoulder-width distance parallel to your body.
– Keep your head in line with your back.
-Lift legs slightly and apply little pressure on the toes.
Repeat this 5 times.


Doing a little bit of it daily for your child can be a full body workout. At the same time, the benefit of doing it every day will be that their weight will be balanced and they will remain active throughout the day. To do this

– Tell the child to lie on his stomach and keep the palms on the ground.
-Use the body using arms. Keep in mind that the weight is saved in a balanced way between their hands and feet.
Now telling the children to spit themselves, do not touch the head from the ground, ask the elbow to make a 90 ° angle.
-Then tell them that they have to go out as soon as they come down and exhale while getting up.

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