How do you know if your child has worms?

How do you know if your child has worms? Small children often have problems with the stomach. Due to stomach worms, where children keep crying all the time due to stomach pain, it hinders their physical and mental development. Different symptoms appear when there are insects in children because there are many types of insects in the stomach. These worms or worms found in the stomach lay eggs in the intestines after reproduction. Due to these increases, the digestive and health of the baby is affected and many symptoms are seen in it. Let us tell you what kind of insects children are at risk and what are their symptoms.

How do you know if your child has worms?

Roundworm infection

Roundworms are the most commonly found intestinal worms. These insects, like earthworms, are 4–12 inches long and thin and usually live in the small intestines. These insects are usually beige or yellow in color. These worms in the intestines rapidly increase their number of breeding gates. Sometimes, these worms also enter the stomach, spleen and lungs.


Pinworms are 2.5 mm. Sometimes they also reach the urinary tube (ureter) or vagina and cause itching and burning there. These insects are found most commonly in the stomach of children. Pinworms mostly prey on children. Eggs of pinworms reach dust, soil, water, vegetables, etc. through feces, due to which consumption of these eggs reaches the stomach.

Symptoms of stomach worms

Worms in the stomach of children, that is, worms are a very old problem. Consumption of infected food and beverages, dirt around homes, eating undercooked food, etc. cause stomach worm. Having stomach worms also affects the physical and mental development of children. Symptoms of stomach worms are usually not one. These characteristics also depend on the type and number of insects. Let us know what symptoms are seen in the stomach of a child.

Very bad stool

In fact, the stool is smelly but it is not common if the child’s stool comes out with a strange kind of smell. If his stool smells strange, he may have some kind of infection in his stomach.
Itching around the anus

In the morning, these worms reach the anus, causing children to itch or discomfort in the anus area. Small children on Khastaur are very itchy and start crying.


If your child is having repeated stomach pain or is not able to sleep properly due to restlessness and itching, then you should understand that there are bugs in his stomach.

Skin rash

Skin rashes can also be caused by a skin infection or dirt. But sometimes due to insects in the stomach, red rashes start appearing in hands or feet.

How do you know if your child has worms?

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