How do you know if you have growing pains?

How do you know if you have growing pains? Does your child also wake up at night due to pain in the arms and legs and then not be able to sleep? If so, it can be a growing pen. Growing pens refer to the pain that children experience as the body develops. Usually, this pain is most troublesome in two stages – first at the age of 3 to 5 years and second at the age of 8 to 12 years. In this, there is usually pain in the legs of the child, which effects more after noon or evening.

How do you know if you have growing pains?

What is Growing Pain

It is known by the name that due to the physical changes occurring during the development of children, a growing pen occurs. It is true that most children have a growing pen during this age, but there is no scientific evidence that children’s growing body complains of pain due to these reasons. Actually, the reason behind this pain is more stretch of muscles caused by children’s sports. In most children, it affects when children play long-term muscle sports.

Symptoms of growing pens

Symptoms of growing pains may vary for different children. For some children, this pain may be of very high – almost unbearable – level, while some children have mild pain, which does not cause any physical problems. This pain happens to all children, but its quantity may be less, so all children should have this complaint at this age, it is not necessary. Apart from this, children who are more sensitive to pain also increase their chances of pain. Apart from this, in some children, this pain continues for months while some children have it occasionally during the week. The growing pen usually occurs in both legs and occurs after dusk. This pain is cured in the morning.

Treatment of growing pens

Depending on the symptoms, it may be wrong to immediately treat any pain as a growing pain. Therefore, if your child is complaining of constant pain, then see a doctor. Pain may be a sign of some other disease. If it is a growing pain, then by massaging the feet of children, they get relief as well as stretching also provides quick relief in this pain. Apart from this, fomenting with warm cloth or tying feet with hot cloth after pen killer massage also provides relief. But children should not be given aspirin tablets for relief from such pain, as its results can be bad at times.

How do you know if you have growing pains?

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