How do you know I dont have cancer?

How do you know I dont have cancer? Cancer is a word that makes people tremble just after hearing its name. Many times doctors also cheat to tell how cancer enters the body and what is the reason for it. It is very important to know that the symptoms of cancer in men and women are very different. Therefore, it is very important to find out in time. If it is not possible for you to have frequent tests or visit a doctor, then you can be cautious by understanding the symptoms of cancer. Just as the time is changing, the symptoms of diseases are also changing. If we talk about cancer, doctors say that now the symptoms of cancer look quite different. Cancer can be treated with the help of chemotherapy, laser therapy and radiotherapy etc. if detected in the first stage. So let us know how the symptoms of cancer appear in men-
Cancer symptoms in men

Abnormally low weight can cause cancer. If the body weight is reduced by more than 4-5 kg ​​without any effort, such as dieting and heavy exercise etc., it can be seen as the primary symptom of cancer.

Signs of Cancer in Men are Severe Pain and Fever
How do you know I dont have cancer?

Often many youths complain of body aches. Unhealthy lifestyles are the cause of this problem in most cases. Although pain in the body is persistent in this way, it should be investigated for bone cancer.

Do you know that men can also have breast cancer problems? Yes, this disease also occurs in men, although this cancer is very less in men. So if you see any increase in the size of your breasts, changes around your nipples or leakage of any kind of fluid from your nipples then contact the doctor immediately, these can be symptoms of breast cancer.

Do you feel heaviness in either or both of your testicles? Because it can be an early sign of testicular cancer. If this happens, see a doctor immediately and get them checked.

Depression is more common in women due to their hormones. But if you are a happy, heartbroken person and suddenly start suffering from depression, then it can be a sign of pancreatic cancer. Do not take it lightly and consult a doctor immediately.

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Although fever is a common problem, but persistent fever can be a symptom of cancer. Actually, the immunity of the cancer patient becomes weak, due to which the patient often starts having fever. Blood cancer, leukemia, etc. often show symptoms of fever.

Men are twice as likely to develop cancer as women. If you smoke and feel a sharp pain in your ribs while breathing or while walking, get your examination done immediately, it can be a symptom of cancer.

Fatigue, impotence and marital problems etc. are some of the problems that come almost simultaneously. You may blame yourself for this, considering your busy lifestyle as the reason, but the truth is that fatigue is the first symptom of blood cancer. In this, the patient feels exhausted without any reason and sometimes he is not even able to work with his hands and feet.

Prostate cancer acts as the biggest killer in men. So if you see blood in your underwear, go to the doctor immediately. If blood comes out while urinating, it is a major symptom of prostate cancer.

If someone has been suffering from constipation for a long time or has been suffering from diarrhea for a long time, then these can be signs of colon cancer or abdominal cancer. The probability of developing this type of cancer increases by leaps and bounds.

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Abnormal skin changes can be a sign of cancer. It can be a sign of skin cancer if someone’s skin is unnecessarily dusky or black or it starts to dry down. Yellowing of the skin is also a sign of cancer.

How do you know I dont have cancer?

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