How do you fix low testosterone?

How do you fix low testosterone? Testosterone deficiency is found in most men, and researchers say that losing weight can help increase testosterone levels. However, he says that low fat diet in particular is associated with a decrease in testosterone. Testosterone is a hormone found in men that develops in the testicles of men. This hormone is related to fertility of men, sexual function, muscle building and face and hair.


Jake Fantus, a professor at the University of Chicago in the US and the lead researcher of the study, says, “We found that men who consume a limited amount of fat diet have lower testosterone levels than those who do not. . ”

“Although clinical evidence of a slight difference in serum testosterone in the diet is not yet clear,” he said, the team of researchers analyzed the data from more than 3,100 men for the study published in the Journal of Urology. Data from all men was based on their diet and testosterone levels.

How do you fix low testosterone?

On the basis of a two-day diet, it was found that 14.6 percent of men took a low fat diet. While 24.4 per cent men took a diet full of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, however, they reduced the intake of animal protein and dairy products. Only a few of these men consumed low carb diets, which were excluded from this analysis. Average serum testosterone levels in men are 435.5 ng / dL (nanograms per deciliter).

According to the study, men taking a low fat diet had a testosterone level of 411 ng / dL while men who took a dietary diet had a testosterone level of 413 ng / dL. The study also identified other factors affecting testosterone, including

Body Mass Index
physical activities
health problems

The study found that the low fat diet was significantly associated with testosterone deficiency, whereas the Mediterranean diet did not.

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Researchers found that further studies would be needed to confirm their findings and clarify their facts to find out how a limited diet lowered testosterone levels. But due to the difficulties of large-scale diet studies, definitive investigations are unlikely to be performed.

Testosterone boosting foods in men

To increase low levels of testosterone, men should take a diet that can naturally increase the production of hormones in their body. According to a report by Medical News Today, these 5 foods should be consumed to increase the natural form of testosterone levels in the body.


Ginger commonly found in Indian kitchens is not only useful for enhancing the taste of tea, but it can also increase testosterone levels in men. Ginger is widely used for medicinal purposes. A research has revealed that ginger may be beneficial in increasing fertility in men. According to research, regular intake of ginger for 3 months increases testosterone levels by 17.5 percent. This has been detected in a study done on 75 adult males with reproductive problems.

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The antioxidants present in this red colored fruit are very beneficial for our heart health. Not only this, this fruit also helps in controlling stress. A 2012 study revealed that pomegranate helps to increase testosterone levels not only in men but also in women. According to the study, 60 people drank 100% pure pomegranate juice for 14 consecutive days. During this period, his testosterone was examined three times a day. At the end of the study, the participants’ testosterone level increased by 24 percent. Not only this, better mental health and controlled blood pressure were also recorded in pomegranate juice.


Onion is not only a favorite vegetable eaten as a salad with food, but it is also a good source of nutrients necessary for sexual health. A study found that daily intake of fresh onion juice for 4 weeks helps to increase the testosterone level in the body

Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are considered a good source of nutrients such as magnesium. Magnesium is also a necessary nutrient for a healthy body. A research conducted in 2011 has revealed that green leafy vegetables like spinach are highly beneficial for increasing testosterone levels in the body. According to the study, regular intake of magnesium for up to 4 weeks helps in increasing the testosterone level in the body.


Musk, one of the richest sources of zinc, is essential for healthy sperm and reproductive system. Zinc deficiency can cause hypogonadism in men, in which the body is not able to produce enough testosterone. So keep sufficient amount of zinc in your diet and make sure that zinc and copper are not absorbed together. Also, you should also keep in mind that while taking these two supplements, balance should be maintained properly.

How do you fix low testosterone?

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