How do u handle stress and pressure?

How do u handle stress and pressure? Stress has become a common problem among men in this fast-changing lifestyle and this runaway life. In their daily lives, men often take stress on small things, which are not only harmful to their health, but can also be a cause for concern for their marital life. Counseling psychologist Dr. Neha Dutt of Dharmashila Narayana Super Specialty Hospital has given some important things about the problem of stress among men and how to avoid its symptoms and stress. By paying attention to these things and with just a few changes in your lifestyle, you can get rid of stress.

Stress is Common in Mens Try these Tips to Dealt with it
How do u handle stress and pressure?

Causes of stress in men

Lack of growth in career.
Work pressure in the office.
Family problem.
Rapid weight loss or increase.
Financial troubles, excessive use of medicine for common illness.

According to Dr. Neha Dutt said that along with this, loneliness, early or late marriage or not getting married is also one of the reasons for stress in men.

Stress affects almost all areas of men’s life, so lifestyle changes help reduce the problem of stress. There are many changes in men’s health due to stress such as

Increased blood pressure.
Feeling tired.
Heart beat fast.
Weakness of immunity system.

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What should men do to avoid stress

To avoid stress, you should change your lifestyle.
Use yoga and meditation. This helps in relieving both mental and physical stress.
Get enough sleep to avoid stress.
Share your concerns with friends and family.
To reduce stress, listen to the song of your choice.
Laughter therapy can also be used.

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Feeling tired by men.
Not eating food.
Headache pain.
Feeling irritable, frustrated.
Do not mind anything.
Getting angry at small things.

Dr. Neha Dutt said that due to stress, the sperm of men is deformed and there is a change in hormones, due to which the fertility of men is affected. So try to remain as relaxed as possible. In case of imbalance of hormones, you can contact the endocrinologist.

How do u handle stress and pressure?

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