How do I teach my baby not to put things in his mouth?

How do I teach my baby not to put things in his mouth? A habit is common in young children. They put anything directly in the mouth. Babies learn about food and drink very quickly. This habit remains in them for six months after birth. This habit of babies can overwhelm the parents. Often mothers leave the baby with the toy down on the floor and get busy with household chores. In such a situation, the child can put the things around him along with the toy in his mouth. You do not have to bear the brunt of this habit of children, for this you need to know what should and should not be kept in front of children. Because it is possible that if you keep dangerous things around children, then they put them in the mouth. Such as phenyl, medicine, sharp objects etc.

How do I teach my baby not to put things in his mouth?

Seeing the habit of eating anything of the newborn, many parents do not understand why their child is doing this. This can be a serious problem. Because children have this addiction, then later they may have many diseases including obesity, worms in the stomach, in many cases it can also prove to be fatal. Experts say that children’s eating habits change at different ages. The habit of eating bad things can harm the health of the child. From Expert Ghatshila ESI’s Child Specialist Abhishek Mundu, we know what to keep in mind while raising children.

Do not keep these things in front of children

Newborns are innocent, in such a situation, expert doctor Abhishek tells that they put things in their mouth while playing with things. In such a situation, medicines, phenyl, food items, hot water, batteries, sharp objects like nails, small toys etc. should not be kept near them.

Do not keep money in the open, especially coins

Doctors tell that children should not be given money or coins even after forgetting to play. We come across many cases every day in which a coin enters the child’s mouth. It can be very serious and even fatal. In such a situation, it is the responsibility of the parents to keep an eye on the children while playing. So that if he puts anything in his mouth, then it can be taken out. First of all, do not give the coin to the children, if by mistake the child took the coin and put it in the mouth, then you tilt it and press it on the back, by doing this the coin will come out. If it doesn’t go away, you may need emergency treatment. You should take your baby to the doctor as soon as possible. Explain that with the small mouth of the children, all their organs are small. In such a situation, this sentence can prove to be very dangerous.

Child Put Thing in Mouth

Put the parts of the toy in the mouth, give soft toys to the children
Doctors tell that the selection of feeding of children should be done very carefully. In today’s time, if you buy toys from good shops, then the age of the children is mentioned in it. Parents should take care of this. If your baby is six months old, give him only soft toys to play with. So that even if you put it in the mouth, it will not cause any problem. Children should never be given small toys. Because due to this many times the part of the toy goes in the stomach of the child, which causes a lot of harm. Apart from this, the baby should not be left to play on the soil. It is possible that he eats only soil. Chalk etc. should also not be kept near children, otherwise the baby can eat it too. If you have lime on the walls of your house, your baby can scratch it off. Eating this can cause infection in the stomach of the baby and make him fall ill. Despite all the efforts of the parents, children are not able to give up these habits.

Take special care till the age of five

It is the responsibility of the parents that till your child reaches the age of five, you should pay attention to his every activity. After the age of five, the child becomes intelligent. In the meantime you can explain to him about good and bad habits.

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This disease can be caused by playing in the soil

Doctor Abhishek explains that if you leave your baby in the soil and go away and the baby eats the soil, then he can get many types of health related diseases. By eating clay, children become deficient in blood. By eating clay, the absorption of vitamins and minerals in the body does not come in children. Because clay remains in the stomach, which can cause pain in the child’s stomach. There may be worms in the stomach and it may be because of this that the child may complain of stones later. If you are not able to decide what to do and what not to do regarding the upbringing of children, then you should seek medical advice from a health care professional. Because this thing is a small thing but it is very important for the care of the baby.

Doctor Abhishek said – Parents living in flats and apartments think that their child will not get used to eating soil. but it’s not like that. Children go to the pot or the field and eat the soil. If children eat mud, doctors can treat it. But doctors cannot stop children from eating clay. Eating soil in young children is a sign of anemia. The reason for this is that only milk should be consumed in the diet of children. Due to the mixture of milk in everything, there is anemia in the child. This problem comes due to lack of food grains, pulses, vegetables in the diet of children.

By eating dirty things, there are worms in the stomach

Dr. Abhishek tells that eating dirty things and soil causes worms in the stomach. There are three types of thread worm, pin worm and ascaris worm. It is also called ascaris in the medical language. It can also be fatal. A worm drinks two to three ml of blood in 24 hours. If there are many earthworms in the stomach, then it becomes a very bad situation. It also affects the digestive system. Children’s stomach swells. The child becomes malnourished and may even become impotent later. He can also easily get many serious diseases. By putting anything in the mouth without washing it can easily lead to infection, disease. Therefore, instead of promoting it, parents should focus on how to protect them.

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Don’t feed what babies can’t chew

Many parents feed their children what they eat themselves, it is wrong. Babies should be fed only the mother’s thick yellow milk for the first six months. After that, they should be given such things in food which they can eat without chewing and can be easily digested. such as porridge etc. Mutton, fish or chicken should not be fed to young children. This can cause a bone to get stuck in the baby’s mouth. Apart from this, they should not be given such food items which have to be chewed. Since the baby does not have teeth, he only tries to break the food with the help of the gum. In this case parents have to be aware

When children grow up, do not make them a habit of fast food

Dr. Abhishek has a habit of eating fast food in children above 8 years of age. Fast food causes diarrhoea, stomach related diseases. The baby starts gaining weight. There may be sugar related diseases. It is through parents that children get used to fast food. Because first of all they feed these things to their children. Parents should not feed outside food and fast food to their children. Delicious and clean-healthy dishes should be prepared and fed at home. No medicine has been made for children not to eat such things. It is prevented only by the care and supervision of the parents.

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