How do I stop co sleeping with my 4 year old?

How do I stop co sleeping with my 4 year old? In most societies around the world, children sleep with their parents for at least the first several years of their lives. Early anthropological studies found that in 90 percent of societies, infants slept with their parents, not in the cradle. This is not limited to cultures. Most Japanese children sleep with their parents during the early school years, and sleep with their parents until the mid-teens. While Western culture has long emphasized independence in the sleeping system, parents are encouraged to sleep in cradle babies, especially in their own room.

However, if we talk about the Indian environment, then there is a lot of change here too. This creates distance between children and parents. In Bhagdaur’s life, parents do not spend time with children throughout the day, although this distance can be reduced by sleeping with them at night. We can tell you what are the benefits of sleeping with children.

How do I stop co sleeping with my 4 year old?

Security experience

When the child is accompanied by his parents, he feels safe. Young children may feel insecure if they sleep alone, it is seen that such children often wake up at night and do not sleep.

Healthy Bed time routine

Sleeping on time not only brings good sleep, but also keeps the health right. Parents should sleep with children at night to add healthy bed time routine to children. With this they will be able to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Mentally close

By sleeping close to the children at night, what did they do to them all day, how was their whole day and what is their plan for the next day. One can easily ask all these things. By doing this, the child will tell you all the things in his heart and if he has any problem on anything, then he will tell you and will sleep comfortably without any mental trouble.

Spending time with children

If your child wants to sleep every day by listening to your story, it does not mean that he does not want to sleep, instead he wants to spend some more time with you. In such a situation, in the life of Bhagdaur, parents do not spend time with children throughout the day, it can happen by sleeping near at night.

You will get a basis for good culture

One benefit you can get from sleeping with children at night is that you can give them good culture by telling them a story. This helps in building its future. He will always remember that learning under the difficult circumstances of life.

Easy for nursing mothers

Sleeping near your child is better for nursing mothers. This gives them comfort along with the child. They do not have to leave the bed again and again to get up to see their child.

Increase in self esteem

A study has revealed that children who sleep with their parents have increased self-esteem, have less experience of behavior problems, are less under peer pressure and are happier and happier with their life Are satisfied

How do I stop co sleeping with my 4 year old?

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