How do I know if my child has low vitamin D?

How do I know if my child has low vitamin D? Vitamin D is very important for our bones. Due to its deficiency, bones become weak and there is an increased risk of many diseases. A recent research has found that the level of vitamin D in urban children is much lower than in rural children, due to which the bones of children are weakened. According to physicians, cases of bone breakdown due to joint pain, osteoporosis and minor injuries in children have increased in the last few decades. Let us tell you why vitamin D levels are decreasing in children and which diseases are increasing risk.

Difficiency of vitamin D increases bone diseases in Children
How do I know if my child has low vitamin D?

Why Vitamin D is decreasing in children

One of the main reasons for the low levels of vitamin D in urban children is that city children do not get out in the sun nor do they like to play outside. Let us tell you that the best natural source of vitamin D is sun rays. Children in villages still spend a lot of time in the sun while urban children mostly stay indoors, school or coaching classes, which reduces their direct exposure to the sun. Apart from this, food for urban children is also a reason for vitamin D deficiency. Children in the city consume fast foods, junk foods and readymade foods, due to which their body is not getting the right amount of vitamins and essential ingredients.

Which diseases are at increased risk

Vitamin D deficiency affects the functionality and strength of bones. In some cases this problem also takes the form of rickets. It may have muscle spasms, scoliosis and the shape of the legs like a bow. Rickets are a bone disorder that occurs in children. Bones become fragile in this. This causes deformity in them and increases the risk of factory. Apart from this, problems like fractures, osteoporosis, economitis are increasing due to slight injury due to osteoporosis in children.

Why Vitamin D is important for children

Vitamin D is one of the essential vitamins for children’s body. Some people also call this ‘Wonder Vitamin’. Vitamin D is essential for children’s health and their development. Learn why vitamin D is important

Calcium and potassium are needed in the blood for strong teeth and bones of children.
It is necessary to balance the mineral in the body and prevent blood clotting.
Maintaining the heart and nervous system
To make insulin levels in the body

How to protect children

Feed children nutritious food.
Keep the amount of calcium in the body balanced.
Keep the baby in the sun for a while.

How do I know if my child has low vitamin D?

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