How do I know if my baby has a bacterial infection?

How do I know if my baby has a bacterial infection? Sickness is common in children after birth. The early birth of the baby results in low birth weight. If the baby’s weight is less than 2 kg, then it is called premature. In this there is a problem in breastfeeding the baby. Along with this there is also a risk of infection in the newborn. This can lead to diseases like diarrhea, pneumonia. That’s why doctors always recommend that after washing hands, wash hands thoroughly and hold children. In India, 35% of children die due to prematurity. In this article, we will talk to the Ayurvedacharya of Baridih, Jamshedpur and tell you what diseases the baby is prone to from birth to six months and how it can be avoided.

How do I know if my baby has a bacterial infection?
  1. Pay attention to cold and its cause
    Experts say that the baby is most prone to colds. Due to the changing weather, this disease occurs in most of the babies. Newborns sometimes touch many things while playing or their parents hold them with dirty hands, which also causes colds. The biggest reason for this is infection. The body of a newborn is very sensitive. If someone touches a child suffering from cold or cold, then the newborn can also get a cold. If a person suffering from cold and cold coughs or sneezes in the armpit of the newborn, then it can pass the infection to the child, he can get a cold. Keep infected objects like curtains, toys, floors away from the reach of the baby. Because viruses stay alive in these things for a long time.

Child Disease
Treatment for Cold
Ayurvedacharya explains that mustard oil is commonly used in cooking. But it also plays a big role in curing many diseases. If the newborn has a cold or a cold, put garlic in mustard oil and heat it. After that let the oil cool down completely. After cooling down, massage the children. Anti-bacterial elements are found in garlic and mustard oil. Those who cure colds. With this, children get massage, which is also necessary for the development of the child.
A cold causes the child’s nose to become blocked, which also makes breathing difficult. In this case, give salt water to the children. This will get rid of mucus.
Bath with warm water: Always bathe the baby with lukewarm water, so that the problem of cold-hot will not get cold. Apart from this, heat coconut oil and add camphor powder to it. When it is slightly warm enough to tolerate, mix this oil in your palm and massage the baby’s chest.

  1. Get the treatment done so that the cough does not take a serious form
    Experts say that when there is more phlegm in the newborn, then he coughs. It is very painful for the newborn. If it is not treated then it can become difficult. Medicines are not given to the newborn even after insurance consultation. We can cure cough with home remedies.

how to treat cough
Experts say that honey dilutes the phlegm. Therefore, honey acts as a medicine to get rid of cough of a newborn. If children up to six months of age have cough, then give honey daily. It is better than medicine. Honey prevents cough from taking the form of a serious disease. Feeding shadad to the newborn also makes him sleep well. Sleep is very important for the development of the child’s body.
Steaming the baby is very beneficial. The main cause of cough is the mucus accumulated in the throat. Steam is very important to try home remedies to clean it. For this, sit with the child in the bathroom with the smoke of hot water. This gives relief to the newborn.
Throat gets blocked due to cough. For this, give sufficient amount of water to the baby. You can give lemon mixed with water. This will give relief from cough.
Baby Disease

  1. Identify and treat diarrhea
    Experts say that in diarrhea, the baby gets thin stools. It is spread by infection, viral infection, bacterial infection. The risk of diarrhea in the newborn is also very high. If your baby has diarrhea, then seek medical advice, give medicine from time to time along with giving diet to the baby as per their instructions and instructions.

Try this to prevent
If the newborn has diarrhoea, you can give the banana solution to the baby. With this, diarrhea can be controlled.
Most of the diseases in the newborn are caused by the wrong diet of the mother. Therefore, the mother should always take care of her food and drink. If there is a wrong diet, then its harm will reach the baby through the mother’s milk. When the baby has diarrhoea, the mother should not eat sweet things. Fried things should also not be eaten. Dairy products like milk should also not be consumed.

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  1. There is a higher risk of ear infection
    Experts say that babies between five and 18 months are more prone to ear infections. After a cold, there is swelling in the ear, due to which the fluid spreads inside. This spreads bacteria and viruses. The infection causes pus, which puts pressure on the eardrum of the child. This causes the ear to swell. The infection causes frequent fever in the baby. Infection also occurs due to the shortening of the ear canal. If a newborn has an ear infection, contact the doctor immediately. The problem of ear is removed with medical help. Do not clean the ear yourself by putting something in it, otherwise it can cause more damage.

You can try this for its treatment
If your baby’s health is bad due to ear, then contact the doctor directly.
Breastfeed the baby in sufficient quantity, this will give enough food and fluids to the baby, which will reduce the ear infection.
Do not put oil, herbs or any other thing in the ear, do not adopt any home remedy. If you are doing home remedies, then definitely contact the doctor once.

Child Disease Precautions

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  1. Constipation is a serious problem
    Experts say that if the newborn is not drinking mother’s milk and is consuming other milk, then the newborn may have constipation. Sometimes breast milk can also cause constipation in the baby. If there is a lack of nutrients in the mother’s diet, then the baby may also get constipated. Due to this the baby gets fever, flatulence, the potty is hard. If your newborn is not pottying regularly, see a doctor immediately.

neonatal constipation treatment
The baby drinks mother’s milk, if the mother includes nutrients in her diet, then the baby will not have constipation. If the mother eats fruits, green vegetables and fiber-rich foods, then the baby will not be constipated.
Fix the time of defecation of the newborn. Do the defecation at the same time. Constipation can occur during defecation at any time.
Do not keep the newborn’s stomach empty. Constipation can occur due to empty stomach.

  1. Acne is a common problem
    Experts say that after two to three weeks of birth, there is a problem of acne in children. This is a common disease in children. This disease lasts for six months. Do not remove it by scrubbing it. Wash off with normal water only.

If the baby has any kind of problem, then seek medical advice
Babies are very sensitive. At the same time, they are not able to even tell their problems, due to this, if they face any kind of problem, then seek medical advice immediately. You can ask your doctor about home remedies. Otherwise, if the child’s health is serious, then only after medical advice, give him medicine etc. to eat.

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