How do I keep my child healthy during the flu season?

How do I keep my child healthy during the flu season? Children are more prone to flu than adults. Fast breathing or shortness of breath, pain on lips or face, chest pain, ribs with each breath, severe muscle pain, dehydration, fever or cough increases, but once this problem occurs when The situation worsens when it comes again. Therefore it becomes really important to prepare your children for this flu season.

How do I keep my child healthy during the flu season?

5 ways to prepare your children for the flu season
Perfect Catering

Be it adult or child, healthy eating is very important for everyone. Everything you eat directly affects your immune system. Children are very selective while eating, but being a parent you don’t really want to see your child sick. So providing a healthy food to your child not only gives them enough energy to concentrate but it strengthens their immune system. So make your food healthy, convert junk food into healthy food.

Keep hands clean

Hand wash is one of the best ways to prevent germs from spreading. It is really difficult for children to follow healthy habits but it is important to protect them from diseases. Make sure that whenever your children return from school, they wash their hands thoroughly and eliminate germs. When they are out for school or picnics they can give them a sanitizer so that they can remain germ free outside. Washing hands before and after meals can reduce the risk of germs from getting colds, flu and other infections.

Good Sleep

Proper physical comfort is important for both parents and children. Sleep is essential for good health. Get your kids to bed early so that they can be stress free and feel fresh in the morning. You will also benefit from this. Various studies suggest that sleep has a major impact on your child’s immune system. Adequate amount of sleep helps in fighting the disease.

Follow Healthy Habits

If you are sick, always learn to cover them with nose and mouth with handkerchief when you cough or sneeze. Such habits can help prevent others from getting sick. Respiratory diseases such as flu or common cold spread to every sneeze and remain in the air for a long time. Therefore, teach your children such habits that your children along with other people should avoid falling ill.

Avoid touching your face while going to school

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), research suggests that students’ health is linked to their academic achievement. The children are really careless and their habit of harassing each other in school is extraordinary. Tell your children to avoid touching each other’s face in school as it can infect another person.

How do I keep my child healthy during the flu season?

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