How do I get rid of back pain ASAP?

How do I get rid of back pain ASAP? If you are suffering from back pain, then there is news of relief for you. Scientists have developed a smart, mechanical undergarment that can help reduce stretch and pain in the lower back muscles. Engineers at Vanderbilt University in the US have created this undergarment with biomechanics and wearable technology. Wearable technologies are smart electronic devices that can be worn on the body. Wearable instruments have two parts of clothing that are used for the chest and legs. These fabrics are made of nylon canvas, lycra, polyester and other types of fabrics.

Wear this Smart Underwear to get rid of back Pain
How do I get rid of back pain ASAP?

smart underwear

Both parts are attached with strong straps in the middle of the waist and there are natural rubber pieces on the lower part of the waist. This device is designed in such a way that a person can use it only when needed. This device can also be controlled with an app, which has been created by a team of researchers. They can control this smart cloth through Bluetooth.

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The purpose of this technique is not to treat people who have back pain, but to reduce the pain in the lower back muscles and reduce obesity to prevent pain.

Let me tell you that back pain has become a common disease today. A large number of people are struggling with this problem and do not feel any relief even after getting treatment. In such a situation, yoga is also the best way to get rid of this disease. Let us know about some such postures of Yoga, which can relieve you of your back pain.

It is also quite easy to do this asana. To do this, you first lie down on your back. Connect both feet and both hands with the body. After this, take long deep breaths and while exhaling, raise your hands towards the feet, as well as raise your chest forward. At the same time, raise the legs upwards with the same procedure. Keep the posture for some time and keep breathing deeply. Finally, exhaling, slowly lie back on the ground. By doing this asana, the muscles of the stomach will shrink. This will not only cure back pain, but will also reduce belly fat.

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Half way
To do this, you lie back on the ground. Combine both feet and palms on the ground. After this, slowly raise both legs upwards and stop the feet at a 90 degree angle. Kept taking long and deep breaths. After that, raise both hands to the back of the head and rest the hands on the ground. After this, to get back in the correct posture, first bring the hands forward and then lower the legs.

This asana is an effective way to keep the spine healthy. It is very important for the spine of the body to be flexible. If this is not done, there is a risk of increasing back pain. This asana helps reduce stiffness of the spine, neck and shoulders, which can be overcome by cervical disease.

How do I get rid of back pain ASAP?

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