How can you tell if a toddler is diabetic?

How can you tell if a toddler is diabetic? Do you also think that blood sugar can only grow in adults, not children? Diabetes is considered a lifestyle disease, so many people feel that it cannot happen to children. But let us tell you that diabetes is a genetic disease, that is, parents can get this disease from their child. Type 1 diabetes is usually found in young children. It is also known as juvenile diabetes. In type 1 diabetes, the child’s pancreas does not produce insulin hormone. Without insulin, sugar starts dissolving in the blood instead of reaching the cells, so the blood sugar increases.

Signs of high blood sugar in toddlers and babies
How can you tell if a toddler is diabetic?

Symptoms of type 1 diabetes in children

According to, the symptoms of diabetes in children can be identified by 4T.

Toilet – Children usually wet diapers very quickly due to increased blood sugar, slightly older children urinate more often. Many times symptoms of bed wetting are also seen in such children.
Thirsty – A child feels more thirsty than usual and does not reduce his thirst even after drinking enough water.
Tired – In such children, the problem of fatigue persists, that is, even without working hard, they remain tired all the time.
Thinner – Children lose weight.

Apart from this, it can be a symptom of small children with blurred vision, bad smell of fruit juice etc.

Symptoms of type 2 diabetes in children

In younger children, the following symptoms of type 2 diabetes may be seen-

More thirsty
Itching around genitalia
Frequent urination, especially at night
Weight loss
Wound healing of injuries or cuts
Fatigue and laziness
Girls having PCOS
Dark dark and soft bulge on the skin.

When do you see symptoms of diabetes in children?

Typically, the above-mentioned symptoms start appearing in children with type 1 diabetes, only a few weeks after birth. At the same time, the symptoms of type-2 diabetes appear slowly and sometimes after a few months or years of age.

What can parents do to protect children from diabetes?

You will be disappointed to know that at present, no way of protecting children from type 1 diabetes has been discovered. But yes, if parents notice some things, then children can be protected from type 2 diabetes.

Control sweet

Control children’s eating of sweet things, especially white sugar. The fruit juices, cold drinks, toffees, candies, tomato sauce and bakery foods found in the market contain significant amounts of sugar. Therefore, prevent intake of these from the very beginning.

Do not let the weight gain

Nowadays, many children become obese during childhood. The body is unable to use insulin properly due to obesity. This is why obesity is the most common cause of type 2 diabetes. So do not let the baby gain weight.

Keep Active

Give children freedom to play. If children are sitting in one place and do not do physical work, then they can have many diseases. If children watch TV, play games or sit at home all day, then explain it to them. Motivate them to go outside and play outdoor games.

How can you tell if a toddler is diabetic?

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