How can you tell if a guy has breast cancer?

How can you tell if a guy has breast cancer? Breast cancer is usually seen only in women, but very few people know about breast cancer occurring in men. Although men do not have breasts like women, they do have breast tissue. Therefore, men are also prone to breast cancer. In such a situation, men should also be aware of this disease. It should be kept vigilant and it should be checked periodically.

Men also have Breast Cancer
How can you tell if a guy has breast cancer?

In which case do men get breast cancer
Genetics does not play a major role in women’s breast cancer, but does play a role in men. Indeed, genetic aberrations such as Kleinfelter syndrome increase estrogen levels in men. These things increase the risk of breast cancer even more.

  1. Orchitis, scrotum inflammation may increase the risk of breast cancer.
  2. Obesity more than bad eating habits.
  3. Over-consumption or smoking of alcohol.
  4. Addiction to intake of hormonal medicines or herbal supplements.
  5. The chest has already undergone radiation examination or treatment.
  6. People (especially young people) who undergo radiation therapy for treatment in conditions such as Hodgkings disease need to be more vigilant, as they are more prone to breast cancer.

Symptoms of breast cancer in men

  1. Lump in breast is the most important sign.
  2. Pits or changes on the skin around the breast area or nipple.
  3. Pain and discharge in the nipple, wound around the nipple, lymph nodes underarm and extending to the areola area.
  4. In exceptional cases, such as breast augmentation in men, it is called ‘gynecomastia’, it increases the risk of breast cancer.

Preventive healthcare expert Kanchan Nayakwadi says, in most cases, the diagnosis of breast cancer in men is at an advanced level than in women. Obesity and high blood pressure are major risks of breast cancer. Anyone can reduce this risk by making lifestyle changes. Early detection and rapid treatment is the best strategy to reduce the cases of male breast cancer.

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Cancer prevention measures
There are many things that men can do to reduce their risk of cancer.
Find out if someone in your family has ever had breast cancer. Genetic breast cancer accounts for at least 10 percent of all cases of the disease.
Obesity and being overweight is a disease in itself. In addition, it promotes breast cancer, heart disease and many other diseases. It is important to reduce your body mass index to stay healthy.
Physical activities help to provide you with a healthy weight, which will help in the prevention of breast cancer.
Reduce diets with high glycemic index, such as white flour, white rice, potatoes, sugar, etc., as these foods cause hormonal changes in the body, which cause cell growth in the breast tissue. Instead, take coarse grains, foods with high fiber and lignin content.
Consumption of alcohol and smoking increases the risk of breast cancer. One should avoid them. Whatever be the alcohol, they are often consumed, which is the root cause of the problem.
Regular checkups are always recommended. It would be appropriate that you know what is happening with your body and how you can take care of it. If it comes to breast cancer in the screening test, then there are many tests to confirm it and the system of treatment is also there.

How can you tell if a guy has breast cancer?

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