How can Wear Masks Learn from WHO

How can Wear Masks Learn from WHO: Parents are making every effort to protect their children from the epidemic in the country. In this situation, the World Health Organization-WHO is also giving full support. Let me tell you that recently, WHO has prepared some guidelines for wearing a fabric mask. Also, WHO explained how to protect oneself and others. Let’s read further …

How can Wear Masks Learn from WHO
How can Wear Masks Learn from WHO

Remember these things to protect yourself and others

1. Maintain a distance of about one meter from the others.

2. Wash your hands from time to time.

3. Avoid touching your mask and your face frequently.

4. Take care of the right side while wearing the mask.

5. Make sure to wash hands once before touching your mask.

6. Dispose of the mask if it is damaged or dirty.

Keep these things in mind while wearing a mask

1. First identify the part in the mask that will cover the face and nose.

2. Now wear your mask very carefully and note that the area around the nose is not left untouched.

3. Cover your mouth, nose and chin with a mask.

4. Once wearing the mask, avoid touching its front part.

5. Wash your hands even before taking off your mask.

6. Remove the mask with the help of a stick attached to the mask.

7. Put your mask in a clean bag or container.

8. Wash your hands again after removing the mask.

9. Wash your mask with warm water at least once a day.

10. Do not let anyone use your mask.

How can Wear Masks Learn from WHO

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