How can we protect children in rainy season?

How can we protect children in rainy season? Who does not like the monsoon and rainy season, but during the rains, the problems related to the health of young children increase slightly. In the monsoon, the risk of infection and sickness in infants i.e. young children is slightly higher than that of adults. Because, the immunity of newborns is much less than the elders.

Asha Ayurveda’s Child Care Expert says that due to change in weather and children are getting sick again and again due to treatment, due to change in rain and monsoon, the infant has cold, cough, diarrhea, jaundice, typhoid and The chances of increasing diseases like viral fever are highly increased. Taking care of newborns in a rainy season becomes a difficult task.

How to Keep Children Safe in Monsoon
How can we protect children in rainy season?

Baby Care

Asha Ayurveda director Dr. Chanchal Sharma and pediatrician Dr. Deepika have described some of the home remedies for the care of children in the monsoon by which mothers can protect their newborns from disease.
Important tips to protect children from seasonal disease

Dress children in loose and light clothes

As the rainy season starts, the need for child care increases even more, during this time, children should wear loose clothes so that air can enter the child’s body very easily. Small children should always wear light colored and cotton clothes because children feel more comfortable in these clothes and cotton clothes absorb the sweat of the baby’s body very quickly.

Adopt hygiene around you and the children

First of all, the family members should take full care that there is no dirt in the house because if there is dirt in the house, then mosquitoes will be there due to which children can become ill very quickly. The second thing is that mosquitoes are common during monsoon, so it is worth noting how to protect them from mosquitoes. These mosquitoes produce dangerous like dengue and malaria due to which children should be put under mosquito nets to protect them.

How can we protect children in rainy season?
Keep Baby Items Clean

In rainy season it is very important to keep in mind that children’s beds, children’s clothes, children’s toys should be kept clean. During the rainy season, children should wear very non-pleasant clothes. Due to the increase in humidity in the rainy season, small germs are born and these germs come in contact with the baby through the damp clothes of children and then these germs harm the skin of the baby, so in the monsoon To take care of the children, they should be well-washed and dressed in clean cloth. Because the air flow in clean and thin clothes keeps happening properly, by doing this, you can be protected from infection in your baby.

How to take care of children’s food and drink according to the season

Food has a very deep effect on the health of the baby, so food should be given according to the season of children. If your child is of the age of eating solid food then you should give him fresh food. Children are more likely to get stomach infection and if such children eat fresh food then the infection can be reduced.

In this season, children need extra care, during this time it is very important to give boiled water to the child.
In this season, children should consume 1 teaspoon of honey every morning, while sleeping, a pinch of turmeric or dry ginger should be fed to the child.
In the rainy season, it is normal for most infants to have rashes or boast, in such a situation, Dr. Deepika recommends the tips of Ayurveda that children should be bathed only after adding two teaspoons of sandalwood powder and more lotion or too much cream in children’s body Do not use because doing so may close their body follicles.

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How can we protect children in rainy season?

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