How can I treat a UTI in my child at home?

How can I treat a UTI in my child at home? UTI is a common infection in the urinary tube, which can happen to anyone. The problem of UTI is usually more in women. But these days cases of UTI infection have started increasing among children too. UTI signs are very common in children, so many times people ignore it and UTI takes a dangerous form. Therefore, it is very important to know the signs of UTI in children and to know about prevention measures. Let us tell you what is UTI i.e. Urinary Tract Infection and its danger in children.

How can I treat a UTI in my child at home?

urinary tract infection in children
Why does UTI happen?

You know that bacteria are present all around us all the time. The number of bacteria on the toilet seat is very high. When using the toilet or touching the genitals repeatedly, some bacteria get inside the genitals and stay in the urethra. When a person urinates, these bacteria are excreted with urine.

Many a times it happens that this bacteria does not come out with urine and starts increasing its number in the urine pipe itself. For this reason, urinary tract infection ie urinary tract infection (UTI) occurs. By the way, UTI is a common infection. But sometimes ignored, bacteria reach a person’s kidneys, bladder and uterus, due to which the problem increases. There are 2 types of UTIs commonly found in children – kidney infection and bladder infection.

Children under 5 are at risk

Children under the age of 5 are more prone to UTI. Several studies suggest that 8% of young girls and 2% of young boys have UTI problems. Girls are more prone to this infection. The reason for this is that the distance between their vagina and anus is very short and often the number of bacteria at the anus is very high. Apart from this, the urethra of the girls is also small, so the bacteria reach the kidneys and bladder very quickly.

What are the symptoms of UTI in children?

It is very difficult to identify UTI problems in young children because usually very young children cannot speak out their problems. Their constant crying and a few gestures make the parents realize that they have a UTI problem. The signs of UTI in children can be-

Irritability in nature
Repeated touching of genitals and crying
Screaming or crying with pain while urinating
Complaining of burning sensation during urination
Loss of appetite
Feeling tired and lethargic
Pissing hard but only a few drops
Peculiar smell of urine and color of urine

uti in children signs and symptoms
How is UTI treated in children?

You should go to the doctor if you see signs of UTI in children. The doctor may ask for a urine sample to be tested. If the infection is normal, it can be treated with antibiotics. But if the infection has damaged the kidney, then it is possible that you have to go to the specialist doctor of the kidney, ie nephrologist.

Keep in mind that for UTI infection, the medicine should not be stopped before the number of days the doctor prescribes the course of medicines. Apart from this, drink plenty of water so that urine is excess and bacteria can come out with urine. Apart from this, cleaning the toilet every day and after going to the toilet is very important to clean the children’s anus or genitals properly.

How can I treat a UTI in my child at home?

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