How can I stop itching during pregnancy?

How can I stop itching during pregnancy? During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes many changes and has to face many problems, one of which is the common problem. Not every woman has the problem of itching in pregnancy, but some have a lot of problem with it. In some women, the skin becomes dry due to stretching of the skin, due to the growth of the fetus, there is a stretch in the abdomen and itching starts in the lower abdominals. In some women, along with itching on the abdomen, itching in the hands and feet, there is also the problem of itching in the private part. There are many reasons behind this along with hormonal changes. During pregnancy, due to the increase in estrogen levels, there are changes in hormones, which can also cause itching in the breast. Let’s know the reason for itching during pregnancy and ways to deal with it. For more information on this subject, we spoke to Dr Deepa Sharma, Gynecologist at Jhalkaribai Hospital, Lucknow.

Causes and treatment of itching during pregnancy
How can I stop itching during pregnancy?

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Why does itching occur in pregnancy? (Causes of itching during pregnancy)

The problem of itching occurs due to changes in the body during pregnancy, such as-

  1. During pregnancy, the skin is stretched due to which itching occurs.
  2. Itching can occur during pregnancy due to increased blood supply in the skin.
  3. Itching in pregnancy can occur due to stretch marks in the body.
  4. There is also the problem of itching due to hormonal changes in pregnancy.
  5. The skin of some women becomes dry in pregnancy, so it may also be itchy.
  6. Infection occurs early in pregnancy, due to which the rash starts and it becomes itchy.

Where does body itch during pregnancy? (Itching in different body parts during pregnancy)

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  1. During pregnancy, most women have itching on the abdomen. As the baby grows, the size of the uterus increases and the abdomen stretches, causing itching in the skin. Some women also get rashes due to itching on the stomach. Mild itching is normal, but excessive itching can cause skin damage, which will allow infections and bacteria to enter your body easily, so keep an eye on the symptoms.
  2. Due to hormonal changes, some women also have itching on the breast during pregnancy. Due to increased blood flow, estrogen hormone and breast size in pregnancy, there can be intense itching on the nipples and breast, in such a situation, you can get relief from itching with oil massage.
  3. During pregnancy, there is itching in the feet with increased blood flow. When the blood flow in your leg stops for a few seconds, then the leg becomes numb and when the blood flow is normal then there is a feeling of itching, just like it happens during pregnancy. That’s why there may be itching in the hands and feet.
  4. Yeast infection can cause itching in the private part during pregnancy, to avoid this, you should take probiotics like curd, buttermilk and take care of cleanliness, if there is more problem then take medicine on the advice of doctor. .

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What to do in case of excessive itching? (Severe itching during pregnancy)

If you have mild itching then you can cure it at home, it is not a problem for you and the unborn child, but if itching is accompanied by pain then consult a doctor. Take care that the problem of itching does not disturb your daily life. If the itching is so much that your sleep is getting disturbed, then you should see the doctor. The skin and eyes start turning yellow due to excessive itching. Looking at the problem of excessive itching, doctors find out the cause of the problem by doing a blood test. In some cases, when itching becomes unbearable, it can be a symptom of ICP, which can cause problems for mother and baby during pregnancy.

What to do in case of itching during pregnancy? (Treatment of itching during pregnancy)

Consult a doctor if itching occurs during pregnancy. They can give you medicine or gel. When the problem of itching starts happening every day, then the problem can increase, so you can also fix it with the help of some easy measures-

  1. You can apply coconut oil in case of itching during pregnancy, you can use coconut oil in case of itching in any part of the body.
  2. To avoid the problem of itching, you can also apply apple cider vinegar to the affected area.
  3. Taking a bath by adding baking powder in lukewarm water also ends the problem of itching.
  4. Use aloe vera gel if itching occurs during pregnancy.
  5. Boil neem leaves in water for itching in the private part, wash with neem water after the water cools down.
  6. Tea tree oil has anti-bacterial properties, you can also use it.

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What to do to avoid the problem of itching during pregnancy? (Prevention tips to cure itching during pregnancy)

To avoid the problem of itching during pregnancy, keep these things in mind-

  1. To avoid the problem of itching, take care of cleanliness.
  2. Avoid using perfume or deo during pregnancy.
  3. Wear loose cotton clothes during pregnancy.
  4. When itching occurs, do not rub the skin with the nail, but rub it with your hand.
  5. Keep your skin hydrated during pregnancy, apply lotion or cream on the skin daily.
  6. Avoid using harsh chemicals on your clothes or body during pregnancy.
  7. To avoid the problem of itching during pregnancy, you can apply calmaline lotion.
  8. During pregnancy, do not wear any pants or bottoms that have elastic, if you wear thread bottoms, then there will be no itching.

Take care of your hygiene during pregnancy, shower daily and change clothes at least twice a day. Itching can also occur due to liver disorder, so get a liver function test done on medical advice.

How can I stop itching during pregnancy?

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