How can I stop breastfeeding without mastitis?

How can I stop breastfeeding without mastitis?  Breast milk is recommended until the baby is 6 months old. Very often the baby is fed milk even up to 1 year old. In some cases, it is seen that the child drinks mother’s milk even for 2 to 3 years. Under such circumstances, if the child is in the habit of drinking mother’s milk, then he will ask for milk again at night when he is hungry. In such a situation, the sleep of both the child and the mother is disturbed. Not only this, if your child drinks bottle milk, then drinking milk at night can increase the risk of tooth decay. So at the same time, if the mother leaves her breast in the child’s mouth in sleep, then milk will go into the child’s ear, due to which pus will form in the ear. These are the reasons why it is said that night feeding of the baby should be avoided. Here we are giving you some tips to get rid of the habit of drinking milk in the night of the child.

How can I stop breastfeeding without mastitis?


Get rid of the habit of drinking milk in the night of the child
Feeding the baby at night can have its own risks. The baby needs breast milk till 6 months. Try to wean the habit of feeding the baby when it is more than that. However, you can also take this weaning advice by asking your doctor. They will be able to properly suggest whether the baby should be weaned now or not. Here we are telling you some ways by which you can wean a baby above 6 months of age from drinking milk at night-

  1. Feed and put to sleep
    If you feed the baby in the evening before sleeping at night, then the child will not ask for milk at night. Feeding milk at any time of the day makes the child hungry again at night. That’s why you put the baby to sleep after feeding more times a day.
  1. Put the baby to sleep away from you
    It often happens that as much as the baby is in touch with the mother, he needs as much breastfeeding. When you sleep at night, put the baby to sleep at a distance from yourself. So that he does not get up to drink milk again and again from your touch.
  2. Quit The Habit Slowly
    Gradually wean the habit of drinking milk in the night of the child. Won’t leave together So pay attention to how many times the baby asks for your milk in the night. Accordingly, you can reduce the activity of feeding her at night. If you stop feeding the baby together then it can also lead to stubbornness of the baby. He will not tolerate hunger. So gradually wean off this habit.

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  1. Feed milk carefully
    Whenever you feed the baby, your full attention should be on feeding the baby. If you are not able to pay attention to the baby while feeding, then in such a situation the baby is not able to drink milk properly. Due to which his stomach is not filled and he again asks for milk at night. Therefore, while feeding, give full attention to the baby.

It is important to break the habit of drinking milk at night because it can harm the baby. Therefore, make him sleep after feeding him well during the day. If you feed your baby at night, it can lead to ear infection, from tooth decay to milk in the ear. That’s why it is important to pay attention to it while feeding the baby.

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