How can I lose weight and get in shape while pregnant?

How can I lose weight and get in shape while pregnant? If working women are pregnant then how should they take care of themselves? Pregnancy is a very big challenge for working women. They also have to take care of themselves and their future child with home and work. For this, they have to prepare themselves for the double challenge. If you are also working and pregnant then you should carry extra food with you. Drink water from time to time. If it is a task to stay in the sun, take a glucose or energy drink along. You must also complete your sleep to work. If sleep is complete then the stress will be less. For more information on this, we spoke to Dr. Uma Singh, Head, Department of Women’s Disease and Obstetrics, Queenmary, Lucknow.

Diet and fitness tips for pregnant working women
How can I lose weight and get in shape while pregnant?

working women in pregnancy
If working, do not make these mistakes in pregnancy (Working women should avoid mistakes during pregnancy)

The body functions differently in pregnancy. If you want to keep yourself and the child healthy, do not be negligent in eating and drinking. It can also have an effect on the child. At such a time, your body needs nutrients, if you forget at work that you are pregnant then you may have problems during delivery.

  1. Eating unhealthy food during pregnancy

Working women make the mistake of eating outside when they are hungry in pregnancy. You have to avoid this mistake. Try to take your tiffin and snacks from home. For small hunger you can fry Makhane in Desi Ghee, it will also reduce hunger and you will be healthy. Do not make the mistake of buying samosas and kachoris from outside. If you are outside and feel thirsty then drink soft water, you also have to avoid cold drinks.

  1. Low sodium during pregnancy

If you are pregnant, you have to take care that there is no lack of salt in the body. If you work in the office or outside, then you have to eat a little from time to time. Due to lack of salt, problems like dizziness and weakness in the body start. You have to avoid eating too much salt but do not avoid sodium completely. In pregnancy, muscle pain arises due to the weight of the fetus, which is necessary for healing.

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  1. Low water intake during pregnancy

drink water in pregnancy

A nominal person should drink 8 to 10 glasses of water per day, but during pregnancy, drinking only water is not enough, even when you work in the field or office. Apart from water, you should drink buttermilk, milk shake, soft water, juice, shikanji or soup. All these fluids will give the body essential minerals and nutrients. Apart from this, the elements needed for the body throughout the day will keep you and your child healthy.

  1. No rest during pregnancy

If you are pregnant with working, then you have to make time for rest. You cannot follow the routine as before. After 5 months, the child develops rapidly, which also affects the mother’s body, so avoid unnecessary running and do not work too hard. Keep in mind that when the body stays in the stress, it directly affects the child. If you are feeling a little tired then definitely take rest.

  1. Staying hungry for long hours during pregnancy

There is no sense in staying hungry for long. This can cause problems like pregnancy vomiting, weakness or dizziness. If working, keep a lot of healthy snacks in your bag. You must have a bowl fruit and vegetable salad. It will not be hungry soon and will keep you healthy too.

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You may have to face the problem of nausea (Nausea during pregnancy).

G. nausea is a common problem in pregnancy. At this time, if you are also working then you may have more problems. To avoid this problem, add iron and protein to your diet. Green vegetables contain iron. You have to keep a salad with you at all times. You have to take special care during pregnancy that do not go from cold to hot temperature or hot to cold. This can spoil your health. You do not have to carry heavy luggage. Avoid too much walking. Do not climb too many stairs at once. Also, you don’t have to take too much stress. Do only one thing at a time. Multi tasking can cause both fatigue and stress. You also have to take short breaks from time to time. To not get tired, keep taking some liquid at regular intervals.

Keep these things in mind (diet tips during pregnancy for working women)

food during pregnancy

If you are pregnant and also working, then increase the amount of seasonal fruits and vegetables in your diet. If you want to eat minerals, then you can eat cucumber or its juice or sweet potato as a salad. Sweet potato contains good amounts of betacarotene, iron and fiber. It helps to nourish the body and does not cause hunger for a long time. You also have to add nuts to your diet. Soak almonds, walnuts and cream in the night and have a glass of milk in the morning for breakfast. This will keep energy in your body throughout the day. Apart from this, you must eat curd, raita, lassi daily.
Keep these things in mind at the office (Office tips for pregnant ladies)

Let your eyes rest for a while while working on the screen. Apart from this, you should take a break and stay in fresh air for some time. If you have a ball in your office, then go there for some time and you will feel fresh. Take a sip from your bottle and drink some water. You do not have to eat too much sweetness, it can cause problems. Take balance food and do your work comfortably.

Taking care of these things, you will be able to balance both work and pregnancy. If you need any suggestions, contact Gynecologist.

How can I lose weight and get in shape while pregnant?

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