How can I keep my baby’s Temperature down?

How can I keep my baby’s temperature down? The cold winter air can make you sick if you miss a little. For children, the winter season is more troublesome. Due to the grip of cold air, they start having many problems like colds, fever, runny nose, chest tightness. Since the immunity of children is weakened by the elders, the children fall prey to these diseases. Wearing thick warm clothes is not only necessary to protect against cold winter air and diseases, but many other habits are also necessary. We are telling you 5 such tips, which will protect you and your children this winter.

How can I keep my baby’s temperature down?

Drink Plenty of water

Children generally feel less thirsty in winter, but this does not mean that their body needs less water in winter. If your child drinks less water, it reduces his immunity, which makes him susceptible to diseases. When the child drinks enough water, the toxins and dirty bacteria present in his body keep going out of the way of urine, which keeps the body healthy. So make it a habit for your children to drink at least 7-8 glasses of water daily.

Keep Work and Feet Off

Small children are usually dressed because they are used to it. But they take off their socks and hats. Ear and feet are the most prone to cold children. Therefore, neither let the child play barefoot nor keep his ears open for long. If the child removes the hat and throws it, then you should wear it with a lanyard cap, so that it is not easily removed. Similarly, children must wear socks to keep their feet covered. In winter, it is better to wear them than shoes. They will not be able to remove the socks easily.

Don’t stop playing outside

Often parents feel that if the child goes out to play, he will get cold. But here you are wrong. Playing is very important for children as it is related to their body development and health. Apart from this, when playing outside, when children fight with different types of bacteria, then their immunity is strengthened. Therefore do not prevent children from playing outside even in winter season. Just keep in mind that their entire body is well covered, so that the cold air does not reach the body.

Allow 9-11 hours sleep

Many parents get up early in the morning and raise the children too. Note that there is a difference between your children’s sleep needs and your sleep needs. It is necessary for young children to get at least 10 hours of sleep. During sleep, not only the growth of the child’s organs is accelerated, but its immunity is also strong. So, let small children sleep for 9-10 hours in winter. If they sleep less than this, then try to make them sleep more.

Use Hot Things in Food

The body’s immunity, that is, inunity, is directly related to food. So to protect children from cold in winter, feed them warm things, as well as such things that strengthen their immunity, such as fruits and green vegetables, ginger, garlic, parsley, black pepper, cinnamon, lentils, almonds , Walnuts, pistachios, eggs, chicken, fish etc.

How can I keep my baby’s temperature down?

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