How can I help my 12 year old lose weight?

How can I help my 12 year old lose weight? In today’s time, obesity is such a problem, from which children to elders are troubled. It is very sad that children are gaining a lot of weight at an early age. According to World Health Organization (WHO) data, 41 million children between the ages of 0 and 5 are obese. If this trend continues like this, by 2025 the number of obese and overweight babies in the world will increase to 70 million. Data is very dangerous because this increasing weight brings many problems for them. Childhood obesity can exacerbate many serious health problems, including diabetes and heart disease. Therefore it is necessary to control the increasing weight of children. Let’s know about some such measures, which will help you in controlling their weight.

How can you help your Child to Lose Weight
How can I help my 12 year old lose weight?

Avoid giving them Starchy Carbs

Starchy carbohydrates such as bread, rice, pasta, white rice and potatoes are consumed as they dissolve in glucose. To start the day well, include eggs or other protein rich foods in your child’s diet.

Focus on Glycemic Index

The glycemic index refers to how quickly it converts to glucose after a meal is consumed. According to a study, when a child consumes high GI food, the child’s blood glucose rises and then plumes, causing the child to feel hungry. If he consumes less GI food, it helps him to stay healthy for a longer period of time and also helps in controlling blood sugar level. Low GI carbs are those in which fiber is found in high amounts.

Choose fruits and vegetables carefully

Fruits and vegetables are very beneficial for health. However, foods such as maize and potatoes have a higher GI and some other fruits such as bananas and pineapples are more helpful in weight gain than grapes, apples, kiwis, berries, and oranges.

Include protein in food and snacks

By eating a protein rich diet, the child will feel less hungry. It has low calorie content so it helps in maintaining the muscles of children. Be sure to include protein-rich foods such as dairy products, meat, eggs, beans, etc. in your child’s diet.

Feed a Healthy Fatty Diet

Not all fats are bad. A healthy fatty diet like unsaturated oil, avocado and nut butters helps digestion. Consuming fruits, vegetables and whole grains is beneficial for health. Fat is very important for the health of your child as it is helpful in forming cell membranes.

How can I help my 12 year old lose weight?

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