How can I degrease my hair?

How can I degrease my hair? It is common for the scalp to be oily because the oil that seeps from the scalp strengthens and nourishes the hair. But sometimes this oily scalp can also become a big problem for the hair. Because of which the hair starts getting dirty very quickly. Not only this, the problem of itching in the hair, redness on the scalp can also be seen. All these problems are caused by the deficiency of Vitamin B. Apart from this, if you are also struggling with this problem due to the use of hair serum and excessive conditioner and are looking for ways to get rid of it, then you can adopt these tips.

Home remedies for oily scalp and greasy hair
How can I degrease my hair?


Causes For Oily Scalp

  • excessive moisture in the hair
  • touching the hair frequently
  • Excessive use of hair serum
  • Excessive use of conditioner
    -hormone imbalance
  • Excessive use of shampoo
  • excessive hair washing
  • having dandruff in hair
    Vitamin B deficiency in hair
    Home remedies for oily scalp and greasy hair
  1. Tea Tree Oil is effective
    Generally people will know about tea tree oil. If your scalp has become greasy due to dandruff, then you can use this. According to research, massaging your scalp with tea tree oil also relieves itching.

How to use-

Mix 10 to 15 drops of tea tree oil in coconut oil.
Apply this mixture on your scalp and massage it well till the ends of your hair.
Whenever you have to wash your hair, massage tea tree oil about an hour before it.

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  1. Apple Cider Vinegar
    Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid. Due to which the pH level also remains balanced. The pH level of the hair scalp can also be controlled with the help of this. However, oily hair has a very low pH level. Apple cider vinegar gets rid of this time.

How to use-

To use it, you have to mix 2 to 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water.
Then mix it well and apply it on the roots of the hair.
Then wash your hair with a mild cleanser.
You can apply it at least three to four times a week.

  1. Coconut Oil
    Who would not know about the properties of coconut oil. Whenever you have to shampoo your hair, apply coconut oil in your hair before that. With this, the hair can be conditioned well. Let us tell you that virgin coconut oil is best for hair because it is light. This brings shine to the hair.

How to use-

Try to always apply virgin coconut oil in your hair. You must know the correct way to apply it.

You rub it by putting a little between your palms.
Then massage your scalp by applying it well.
Wash it off with a mild shampoo after an hour.
You can try this process once or twice a week.

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  1. Aloe vera
    The nutrient-rich properties of aloe vera are quite beneficial. Not only for the hair but also for the skin, it is nothing less than a boon. Aloe vera makes hair silky, soft and shiny.

How to use-

Mix lemon juice in one to two tablespoons of aloe vera gel.
After this add a cup of water to it and mix it well.
Massage your hair scalp with this mixture well.
Then wash off with cold water after one to one and a half hours.
In this way, you can get rid of the problem of your scalp being oily.

  1. Baking Soda
    Baking soda can be used for many things from food to food. Baking soda is also used to get relief from oily hair. Baking soda helps in controlling the natural pH level. It also helps in removing excess oil.

How to use-

Mix baking soda with water or oil and apply it well to the roots of the hair.
You can repeat this process once or twice a week.
So these are some of the ways with the help of which you can remove extra oil from your hair. These home remedies will be of great use to you.

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