How can I cure my sexual problem?

How can I cure my sexual problem? Sexual health is a matter of health of your whole body. When a person is struggling with any problem related to the genitals, it is said to be a sexual disease or a secret disease. It is a common condition like other diseases of the body, and its treatment is also possible. But many times people are unable to talk about it openly due to shame and fear of social evils. Regarding problems related to sexual diseases, people neither discuss with their life partner nor seek the advice of a good doctor. As a result, the husband and wife are at loggerheads and sometimes break up. In such a situation, it should be tried to get a solution from a good expert doctor in time.

Some people fall into the grip of quacks and all the fake doctors for these problems, which makes the problem more serious. Here we are telling you in detail about 6 sexual diseases (secret disease) related to men and their causes and prevention. Let’s know:

How can I cure my sexual problem?

1. Erectile dysfunction or erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction or erectile dysfunction is also called impotence. If you have trouble making a relationship with your partner, you may suffer from erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction occurs when there is not enough blood circulation in the penis to maintain the erection. Many cases can be associated with physical conditions, such as vascular disease, thyroid imbalance, type-2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

In such a situation, you should consult a doctor to find out your internal problem, they can advise you of any investigation. Treatment is available in allopaths, Ayurveda and homeopaths to cure erectile dysfunction.

2. Premature Ejaculation – Premature Ejaculation

It can be a sign of premature ejaculation if you stop the drive before having sex or very soon after doing it. While it is considered to be the best time for young men to strengthen sexual relationships. There are many reasons for premature ejaculation in men, such as fear of bonding, if you are tense, lack of space, lack of confidence, etc. It may be associated with a disease. Whereas, it is seen as an indication associated with erectile dysfunction or mental stress in older men. However, some people complain of Delayed Ejaculation on the contrary. It may be due to nerve damage or thyroid.

Premature ejaculation usually resolves without medication or medical advice. Tips like a stress-free lifestyle, proper diet and pelvic floor exercises can solve the problem. You can also consult a physician to address the problem of premature ejaculation or delayed ejaculation.

3. Reduction in libido – Low Desire

Most men refrain from discussing the subject. A decrease in sexual desire can be a concern. It can usually stem from fear, anxiety, or stress related to another sexual problem (eg premature ejaculation). It may also be related to relationship troubles, or other psychological problems. In addition to medical conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, depression, and Parkinson’s disease, medicines used to treat these problems may also be the cause. Therefore, please consult your doctor.

If there is a decrease in libido due to low testosterone, you can take the hormone as a supplement. Make your routine healthy. Take a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Do yoga and pranayama so that stress can be eliminated.

4. Testosterone Hormone Deficiency – Low Testosterone

Testosterone hormone levels peak at the age of 18 and then decline. Most men try to manufacture the hormone testosterone hormone to avoid its deficiency. If you feel loss of libido, erectile dysfunction and fatigue then you should check your testosterone level on the advice of the expert. With a simple blood test, you can determine the hormone level of the testosterone.

If stosterone is deficient in hormones, supplements can be taken on doctor’s advice. Apart from this, there are some diets which can increase the hormone stosterone naturally. Regular exercise is also beneficial.

5. Peyronie’s Disease – Peyronie’s Disease

Penile curvature in the penis causes pain during erection (exertion), so you may have a rare condition called Peyronie’s disease. Chances are, you may feel a lump above or below your penis. In such a situation, one should not be shy or hesitant, instead seek medical advice. In this case, the doctor may inject the medicine to eliminate the lump. If that does not work, then surgery options are also available.

How can I cure my sexual problem?

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