How can I clean my prostate?

How can I clean my prostate? Prostate cancer occurs only in males, because prostate gland occurs only in males. The likelihood of prostate cancer increases with age. According to the WHO report, there has been an increase in prostate cancer cases in the last two decades. This type of cancer is more likely to occur in the prostate gland of men over 60 years of age. The prostate gland is a walnut-shaped one that surrounds the urinary tube. Its job is to produce a fluid substance present in the semen. We are telling you about 7 such things related to the prostate, which every man must know.

Prostate Should Definitely be Known to Men
How can I clean my prostate?

Problem urinating

Problems with urination are the main symptoms of prostate cancer. Difficulty in urination due to enlargement of prostate gland. Frequent urination at night, sudden urination, problem in stopping urination, etc. are seen in prostate cancer. If the problem of urination persists for several days, do not ignore it at all, it can be cancer.

Testicles change

However, changes in the testicles can be a sign of testicular cancer. But the prostate itself contains testics that can be changed due to prostate cancer. If the size of your testicles is increasing, do not ignore it. Apart from this, any change in the testicles can be related to prostate cancer. Check your testicles regularly, you can test the testicles yourself. If you see any kind of change then check it.

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Due to prostate cancer, blood will also come with urine, in addition blood can also come out with stool. In addition to prostate cancer, blood is also produced in choline, kidney, bladder cancer. Constant bleeding can also be a symptom of cancer. If there is cancer, it causes blood to come out through the rectum. Although this problem occurs after the age of 50, due to the current lifestyle it can occur at any age.
Skin changes

If there is any change in the skin of any part of the body, then contact the doctor. Abnormal changes in the skin can be an early symptom of cancer. If a person’s skin starts getting darker, dark or dark then do not ignore it. Yellowing of the skin can also be an early symptom of prostate cancer.

If you work a lot and sit in a chair for a long time, it is normal to have pain at the waist, back, etc. But continuous pain in any part of the body without any problem can be a symptom of cancer. If you have persistent back pain, it can be the cause of colorectal or prostate cancer. Apart from this, there is pain in the muscles around the waist. Do not ignore it.

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Lose weight

If you are losing weight without any reason, you may have early symptoms of cancer. This can be seen as the primary symptom of cancer if the body weight is reduced by more than 10 pounds without any effort to lose weight. After cancer, the food is not digested properly and the digestive system also does not work properly, due to which the body weight starts to decrease.
Fatigue and fever

When prostate cancer occurs, the immunity of the person’s body is weakened, due to which the body is more susceptible to diseases. The body is not able to protect against normal flu. Frequent cough, fever, persistence of fatigue, etc. are the initial symptoms of prostate cancer. Apart from this there is also a change in the mouth of the person.

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